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How is he doing 311828 DPS with a shield? I have no idea how with 51% Critical Chance and 408% Critical Hit Damage and 3383 Damage. Can someone explain?
you think thats good, he can go 1 step higher if he wanted to
That is buffed. His unbuffed dps is 236k:
Ok but how is his so much higher than mine?
Who even cares. The top players at hitting over 500k unbuffed.
800 more main stat than you that's like 70k dps right there. Plus he has a little more attack speed than you so thats another 30k right there...
IAS and CC and his items are much better. He also uses different skills than you.

Much higher attack speed.
Greater average damage.
88% more crit dmg.
8% more crit chance.
800 more str.
AND the 15% sword damage bonus on top of already high average damage.

Essentially, everything he has is MUCH better than yours.
Thanks for the input guys!

Who are the top barbs getting 500k unbuffed?
01/21/2013 10:09 PMPosted by Malevo
Who even cares. The top players at hitting over 500k unbuffed.
the guys ammy is worth more then the combined value of ur gear. u only need to look at that to answer ur question.
The guys ammy is a dupe that many other barbs are running around with.
Checked all the Diablo Progress profiles, that ammy was equipped by 7 Barbs.

Some are trying to sell it for 5 - 7 billion gold (over $1,000).
Gotta love credit card heros/ah flippers. :(

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