I miss D2C really

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I didn't play D1, I played D2 classic and enjoyed it so much .. I loved the titles Baron , Lord, Sir etc...
I have played that game and had a team of friends... we had our own secret channel..we would do Chaos sanctuary and Diablo runs for days and days non stop ... it was about the LADDER for us .. there were only 3 level 99's in the ladder .. And we were driven to play and play and play .. I remember it took 4 days to level from level 91 to 92 .. after I made my Amazon level 96 I created a new Barb ... I intentionally did not let him get the BARON title .. and I enjoyed gaining levels without achieving the quest of killing Diablo in hell .. It was fantastic .. I would watch new players in the ladder making new LORDs and trying to do the same .. it was a ladder within ladder.. we were racing for exp points .. that was alot of fun ..
Competition was a driver and items meant survivability.. because a competitor can join your game declare hostility and try to get you killed so you would lose exp points !! that was fun ...................................... if you are a ladder D2C player you need to have an AMA and Sorc with you all time for protection .. you cant get exp points if you dont have a full 8 ppl game at level 95+.. what a game.. account names were legendary .. if you ever played USEAST D2C you knew the best AMA best BARB were tied to 1 account .. it meant something

When D2LOD rolled out it was nice hitting.. items .. runes .. duels .. assassins etc ... I played more ladder D2c while enjoying the LOD "fun Pack " .. my same friends played with me 7 years ..

Now, the people I started D3 with are offline for 90+ days ... the game is awesome when it comes to story, builds, items , and graphics and the profiles and achievements are awesome but so what ??... RMAH and AH are awesome additions .. but .. but .. for what ? you feel like you are playing the game alone .. I dont see clans .. or channels .. or trade rooms , or trade games .. leveling teams ... how do I compare to others ?
I quit D3 after I hit level 60 .. then i am playing again .. it was interesting with Paragon levels .. but I got bored again .. the items are ridiculously expensive in AH because the drop slot machine is too random ..
blizz killed the social aspect of diablo, Diablo players are spending more time in forums now than in game .. its ridiculous ... getting to level 60 was too easy .. i wish they would make it back like D2C .. 9-11 accounts only got to 99 in the whole world ina ladder season..
Anyone remember when the #1 HC level 99 died ? at level 99 in d2c !!!that was sick .. but historic .. you would seethe fading name in the ladder ..
When you picked out your hero name .. it meant something because when you get it in the top 1000 (Ladder) .. thousands and thousands knew who you are ..

my $0.02
Uh yeah I was going to read this but it went on and on about nothing so I gave up
hi im looking for people going to quit d3 pls add me and give me your account tnx my cousins want to play with me.
Then go play it servers are still online. no one is stopping you

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