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Hey what's ups everyone, here is a bunch of updated compiled information I wrote myself so hope you enjoy. Most info came from the internal alpha. Below I have compiled a bunch of information for the game to get started including official gameplay videos, links to websites, podcasts and a original written summary of the different elements for the game by me. Hope you enjoy and let the speculations being!


ESO is being developed by Zenimax Studios in association with Bethesta. The focal point and thought behind this game was to not just create another generic MMO but to take an already beloved franchise and combine elements of online MMO play to create the best of both worlds that will satisfy the casual and hardcore RPG player base. The goal is to create a 100% authentic single player Elder scrolls experience with that online element.


The Elder Scrolls Online is set 1000 years before the events of Skyrim (sorry no dragons guys) during the second age where 3 allied factions are competing for control over the land and center of it all the land of Cyrodiil. These three factions are the Daggerfal Covanent (men & woman, redguard, orcs), Aldmeri Dominion (high elvs, wood elvs, khajit) and Ebonheart pact (Nord, Dark Elfs, Argonian). Once in the game your main single player objective is to retrieve your stolen soul by going through anything and everything that gets in your way. Subplot again revolves around these three factions battling to gain control over various land.


ESO plays very similarly to the Elder scrolls games you already know and love. You have health, magica, and stamina. Stamina plays a very pivotal role in ESO just like it does in past ES games. A player is given a very easy to use skill hotbar similar to Diablo 3 in which you are only allowed 5 skills at a time to play with an extra button for ultimate attacks and another extra button for potions and other miscellaneous things. The interface is very simple and clean and leaves a lot of room to view the immense open world.


Characters can use and wear anything no matter your class or race. A mage can use a bow or 2-handed axe with heavy armor if you so please. Although anything is usable by everyone, there are of course benefits to a mage use a staff with light armor over an axe which would more beneficial to a Dragon Knight. That is where skill points come in which work exactly as they do in Skyrim. The more you level up and unlock skill points to use, you can place them in various categories like stamina, health, weapon expertise etc, that will give you passive bonuses to your character to help you excel in your preferred play style.


In ESO you have your choice of various camera styles to help accentuate how you like to play. There are options for the classic 1st and 3rd person view angles, side angles and the generic scroll in and out MMO style camera view. As mentioned above your main abilities will be used via the action bar witch can be swapped in and out (no specific details on this just yet). Your other basic attacks function just as they do in a normal ES game meaning your left click will perform a basic swing attack, right click will work as a block or activate your secondary weapon/item. The combat system overall is very fast paced meaning your effectiveness is determined by your timing and awareness. AI in ESO will be like nothing you have ever seen before. Like any monster in any game, creatures will have varying skill sets, but how they will use those skill sets will be determined by you the player. If a oil barrel is tipped over and you are standing in it, a monster can cast a fire spell and start to burn you alive igniting the oil. A group of creatures can help each other by casting buffs on one of them while the other is attacking in various ways. The same will go for players as well, strategic gameplay elements are everything in this game. For example a Dragon Knight could cast a defensive bubble in which a mage could later absorb as special spell that can be casted back at the enemy (combo attacks or copulations).


This game features the generic questing you would expect in any other game but with a twist. The quests feature phasing technology in which certain quests unlock various parts of the world and NPCs will react differently to you depending on what you have done. There are quest hubs but open world questing is a big part meaning you will not have to stick to a single area to progress; you see something interesting over in the distance, go check it out and complete that quest before continuing on. Dungeons, raids, world objectives, soloing, and world PvP are all part of the ESO experience.


PvP in ESO consists of a three faction war that takes place in the open world of Cyrodiil. There are no pre-designed battlegrounds or arenas in ESO, everything is world PvP which consists of numerous varying objectives including securing forts, collecting resources, repairing damages forts, and more with catapults and other various weaponry. Damaged forts that are taken control do not repair automatically and progress in real-time the longer a faction controls them. Territories are forced to deal with as various world events that take place that require action to be kept up to speed secured from the enemy. PvP and PvE will perform on a massive scale allowing over 200 players to be on screen at once.


- Crafting is not in the game (could change who knows)
- Dungeon runs and mechanics change based on your last run through
- Possible to become ware wolves and vampires
- Scenery will BLOW YOUR MIND (screenshots and videos don't do it justice at all)


Currently ESO is slated to be released in the year 2013 with no specifics on a time frame. It has been announced the closed beta will take place in new couple of months (probably late February or March).


Official Website -
Official Announcement Trailer -
Official Gameplay Trailer -

Below is a more in depth video I made to showcase my opinions and give a little more detail about the game.
Beta sign ups start today.

Pretty wicked cinematic release in honor of the beginning of the closed beta as well.
Cant wait, literally. I think it kills WoW and this comes from someone whove played WoW over 6 year.
The animations in the beta are inexcusably bad for its budget. The skill system is extremely dumbed down even if you get alot of skill lines you can only use so many skills. The RvR is slightly better than GW2 but still worse than the trainwreck WAR was, and still not even in the same league as DAoC RvR.

The game would of been amazing if they kept TES style combat, and just made it a really fun multiplayer adventure/quest/dungeoneering game instead of another no risks taken themepark MMO.

No dark brotherhood, vampires or werewolves? "to be added at a later time" just like PvP and Ladders in Diablo 3 amirite?
Vampires and Werewolves are in the game.
I got a beta invite today for this weekend. I'll definitely be checking it out.
02/04/2014 07:43 PMPosted by Vostof
I got a beta invite today for this weekend. I'll definitely be checking it out.

Could I possibly still get a BETA invite?
Do not be put off by combat until you reach level 15 and can fast switch weapons. If they add more weight behind combat there on to a winner. Until Combat feels more weighty some people will be put off. Blizzard are still King of doing combat right.
02/07/2014 12:12 AMPosted by AshleyGray
Blizzard are still King of doing combat right.

Too bad the game is horrible and boring. It makes you feel stupid playing it. I didn't know games could even do that.

I started playing Final Fantasy 14 this past week and I've had a much more enjoyable time playing that than I can honestly say I ever did in Diablo 3 only because from the One Open Beta Weekend before their launch I knew the game was a flop but hoped I was incredibly wrong. Nope.

Looking forward to reading up more on ESO and checking it out when it comes out in April.
1000 years into the past.
Nothing we do becomes canon, or is streamlined INTO the existing canon, at best.

No fighting the megalomaniac elves.
No finding out what happened to the dwarves, like what really really happened -- as in; where they are now.


Why 1000 years in the past and not 300 years into the "future", past the next singleplayer game -- or even 5000 years into the future, AFTER a cataclysmic event???

Obviously, they will revisit the Dragon Age (harr harr harr) in an expansion, but why not start AFTER the current era??


jump to 2:30
Ive been looking into which game I want to spend countless amount of time on. looks like this is looking strong:)
I was thoroughly bored with this over the past weekend. I didn't even feel like playing the free beta, let alone paying the $$ for the actual game and the monthly fees.
ESO is way too hard for most D3/WoW players. It really is better if they just stick to WoW where they will be guided by the nose.

ESO is an adult game, made for adults BY adults. It really is best if they kiddies stick to WoW, where they will get the mollycoddling they require.
I Played at Beta.

The 1st thing I feel when I played this game is, It's very slow paced compared to other MMORPG. Most MMORPG nowaday is a race to reach the max lvl, Players are bombarded with multiple quests, that usually mean lots of click to skip dialogue.

ESO felt different, Quest are not common, some of them are hidden and usually stumbled upon when exploring.

This is the 2nd thing I felt, the main focus of ESO is exploration. Exploring the game world, Exploring the alchemist recipe, Exploring the build.

It's not a game for everyone, But for me it's definitely a unique experience enough that it is worth buying.

Note : Not gonna buy the Imperial Edition though. Considering my personality If I buy the ImpEd, I will feel obligated to play Imperial race so not to waste the extra cost, this IMO will actually limit my gameplay experience/enjoyment.

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