Uhkapian Serpent or Thing of the Deep

Witch Doctor
I am trying to build a WD that will be used primiarily in a group with my two other bros. One is a wpn throw barb and the other is a sweeping wind/wave of light monk. So I want to choose a build that is good for group play. I heard that GI with gruesome feast it a great build but I am not sure. I plan on buying all new gear (someone gave this to me and since they gave it to me I will prolly give it away as I replace). I have about 92 million to spend ro about 7 mill per item. If I can save money on a piece to spend someowher else than thats cool.

So if someone could tell me which is better that would be super.
I'd go thing of the deep. Uhkapian serpent it the best value for money for straight dps, but totd gives a massive bonus to radius and mana (seriously important for GI/GF). If you get PUR on other items you usually need to pay for it in other ways (PUR may take up an extra vit roll for example).

I only use Uhkapian for ubers, where PUR is useless.
I guess I will see if I can pickup raidus on other items for it. I bought a Tal Rasha Allegiance with lots of int, vit, and 6% cold damage. and someobody gav me an SOJ for 2.5 mill.

Just trying to decide what build to choose. Grave Injustice or not... decisons decisions.
Grave injustice is really only effective on lower monster powers where you can kill things quickly to get your mana and life back. If you are planning on ubbering or key running on the highest MP that you can do, then GI is not for you. Save your money and buy better gear that does not have pickup radius.
frog for teamplay and mf runs. I got 4 uhkapian serpents with different skill setup to play pvp/uber. totd is def a good item for your team. Or you can use 0 dog.
I plan to do runs at the highest level. Higher MF and more XP and there is some challenge there. I may keep my TOTD for those times when I am alone and may do quick MF runs. I think a serpent is the best option for now.
Have you tought about string of skulls to complete zuni set? I use a cheap string of skull even if they give less dps, you can get more mana so means more time spamming bear.
Got mine for 150k so its really bad, but Ill get a better one soon. Can do mp9 uber with a cm wiz and a barb.
I thought about getting a Zuni Set but where I am going with the gear I am getting I need more CHC and some vit.

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