Nerfing Crit possibly fixes everything wrong with D3.

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bang on! leave it the way it is most of these people like you said cant solo mp 10 so what gives them the right to preach what end game should be like

bring on the public mp games then these guys will get an eye opener!

Why is it alright to crit for that much? Players are dealing too much damage?

You can't say ANYTHING if you can't solo MP 10. Quit crying about how your crits are doing too much damage on MP 0. Try MP 10 and tell me you deal too much damage.


You totally missed my point, and that is there is a massive difference between normal hits and critical hits. If people were hitting normally for 1 mill and critting for 4 there wouldn't be a problem with how damage in this game is calculated, but seeing now it's impossible to hit normally for that high, and yet people are critting well into 7 digit (possible 8 digit) numbers then this seems pretty messed up.
A cap on crit and crit dmg and then another damage stat added to gear would probably make things better.

If you had to balance IAS, crit, crit dmg and one more offensive stat it would certainly make gear more interesting and require more thought.

If not a hard cap then a soft cap, something like after 30% you only get half effect out of it so you would trend towards other types of +dmg but not be totally wasting stats if your gear did take you over.

Crits make PvP a joke of course, but they knew that from WoW already so I doubt they care.
01/22/2013 11:46 AMPosted by Paz
Everyone will change their minds when Kripparian's new video comes out. He agrees with me 100%. I got the chance to meet him (online) and speak to him, because of making this thread. Like I said, just wait for his new vid explaining the right way to nerf Crit. I guess I was a little extreme but on the right track.
LMAO! Wait for one idiot to confirm another idiot who has no design instincts whatsoever and does nothing all day but sit on their *** with a camera in their face and play videogames

Right. **** you, whatever you rode in on, you stupid *****t! I hope you burn in the fires of Diablo hell where all you retards belong.

If Blizzard changes this then **** them too and I guarantee the game will go down when that happens..
Increase monster damage! It doesn't have to be pre 1.03 levels, but give players a real reason to worry about something other than stacking DPS on top of DPS on top of DPS...
Right. **** you, whatever you rode in on, you stupid *****t! I hope you burn in the fires of Diablo hell where all you retards belong.

If Blizzard changes this then **** them too and I guarantee the game will go down when that happens..

There's being passionate about gaming... then there's being pathetic... and this post is absolutely pathetic. You'd think Diablo 3 was your life and the only important thing to you. Not saying that's true... I'm just saying you'd think it was if you read that. Sorry, but take a look at your post.. and most of the others of you calling me and my supporters retards and morons. Why is Diablo 3 that important to you? Desperate to justify your $pending $pree on the RMAH? Desperate to quantify that the gold you bought from chinaseller was worth it?

Your little "guarantee" that the game would go down is misleading.. the game already went down.. months and months ago. Anyone who matters doesn't really play this. Stop living in denial. You saw your friend-list shrink as I did... no one logs on Diablo 3 anymore. THe people who still play the game in this state are just dumb.

I'm trying to HELP the situation, I'm trying to FIX the game and make it better. Blizz follow my lead, especially after Kripparian makes his video. ANd we'll be So Thankful.

As for Speedforce **** that loser.. Superman is faster than Flash anyway n00b
1 - Lower Crit damage on items
2 - Buff crit chance on items
3 - Buff main stat on items


same DPS

I'd accept that modification to crit. Same DPS and much less spikey..
Only if this post came from a player with high enough crit chance and damage, I'd take it more seriously.
If people aren't stacking crit they will be stacking something else, people will always stack the best stat for them. Many builds rely on crit that is one of the main reasons people stack it so much.
01/22/2013 12:39 PMPosted by Paz
THe people who still play the game in this state are just dumb.

Hmm, so either you don't play this game any more, and you are trying to nerf everyone who still does, or you are admitting you're dumb. So which is it?

By the way, if you do still play, then what do you think of your weapon damages on your barb dropping to mid 900s? The nerf stick is coming I believe.
How does this solve anything? Nerfing crit chance does absolutely nothing in making the game better. All it would do is make attack speed and main attribute more valuable, and turn crit chance into garbage because it will be the only stat with a cap in the game. You thought the attack speed nerf was bad, atleast that happened relatively early into the games existence. Nerf crit chance now, and the loyal people who still play this game will leave because they spent the entire life of the game getting crit based gear.

Nerfing crit chance does not solve d3's terrible efficiency based endgame that requires no thought or skill what so ever. It does not make the game more rewarding or give you more goals or reasons to farm the same spot over and over again. It does not fix the way to random nature to items that makes farming items feel like you have better odds of winning the lottery. It does not fix character progression outside of items. It does not give the d3 development team ideas for pvp, lets face it they need all the help they can get.

PS...Diablo 2 didn't have CC/CHD like Diablo 3 and look how successful it was.

d2 did have crit chance, it was called deadly strike. Diablo 2s big differences from d3 are stat/skill system, less random uniques /better overall itemization(runewords aint looking so bad anymore), all classes didnt scale off of weapon damage, no universal auction house that floods the economy with items making all self found items garbage, ITEMS WERE THE CURRENCY.
Nerfing solves nothing, it only shifts the problems to something else.

Other skills and affixes need to be boosted to make more things viable, and new legendary items need to be created that have new affixes that are actually worth building around to highlight and work with other skills, creating new builds that are also viable.

Don't seek to destroy what works, try to understand it, build from it, and use it to help create other things that work as well.
@Infamous, look at the OPs profile. He's upset that he can't afford best in slot gear, and thinks that he's entitled to it since he's paragon leveled his way all the way to 46 (you know, a whole 18% of the experience that you need to get to paragon 100). He sees other players with 200k, 300k, 400k dps, and thinks they don't deserve to be that much stronger than he is, even if they are paragon 100 players, and probably have been for a while (meaning they've done at least 5x the experience/mfing grind that he has). Remember though, if you don't agree with him that he is entitled to what those paragon level 100 players have, then you are just "selfish", and "dumb" (his own words).
I think the OP makes a very good point.
d2 did have crit chance, it was called deadly strike.
Yep. Deadly strike itself was 2x the damage (100% crit damage). Then you also had other damage modifiers such as Crushing Blow that worked off of the monsters HP, ignore target defense, open wounds, etc. It's not unrealistic to get to 4x the damage similar to D3.

Granted damage would be spikier than that (as CB scaled in the expansion) but it's not impossible. In Diablo 3, they essentially simplified it and called it critical hit chance and damage.

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