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I know this may sound like a waste of a thread, but as I was cleaning out my basement over the weekend I found my copy of D2 and LoD that's been missing for over 5 years. Just wanted to share my exciting with everyone. Anyone still play both D2 and D3 currently? How do you decide when to play what?
LoL, i love my D2 and Expansion pack Game package and cd's. I have them displayed in my computer room together with diablo 3 by my computers :) I dont currently play d2 xpac but i do have alot of friends on who keep inviting me to go back to it and play d2 xpac but im too busy with work/my girl/d3 lol.
I still have 12 burned copies of it
Yeah... When I get tired of having to build a 5 stack before I get a chance to see anything special drop from the elite champ packs found on the way to a boss I get out of D3 and click the D2 icon where I can do a good old fashioned boss run or two. There's nothing quite as satisfying as seeing Andy, Meph, D, Pindle, or Baal, pop into a loot pinada.

Or cows... I love running cows. I run a high 90's trap assassin so it's been pretty easy to avoid killing the Cow King being he's Lightning Immune. He's easy enough to kill, but if I kill him it'll mean I have to open the portal with one of my other toons and change over to my assassin. It's always a pain to have to do that.

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