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Welcome to the Diablo III Ask the Devs global Q&A. In this thread we'll be collecting your questions regarding patch 1.0.7, having the community vote for their favorites, and then posting the answers we receive from the developers approximately one week later.

COMPLETED! Answers are available here.

The topic for this month is Patch 1.0.7. Please feel free to ask any questions related to changes in included this patch (i.e. dueling, class updates, new crafting recipes, etc).

To view the PTR patch notes for 1.0.7, click here.

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Highly Rated
Based on Lylirra's Poll regarding the new dueling system in patch 1.0.7: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/8520754/, 19% of players who voted (including myself) feel the system needs to be changed.

I am not a fan of the "lobby" in Diablo 3 which makes my dueling experience socially limited, currently the system makes finding players to duel a bit difficult and dull.

Do you Developers have plans to improve the dueling system to be more sociable and add it in 1.0.7. PTR? Thanks
With dueling being so barebones, it can't possibly be what you wanted to release for PvP. Even if the Team Deathmatch you guys had wasn't what you wanted either, why not have released that instead since it seemed to have more to it than just the current dueling?
Highly Rated
2v2/3v1 Dueling and Scoreboard Request

Are you planning to add "choose a side" (blue/red sides) and a simple Scoreboard (that shows who kills the most, at least) to the game in this patch?

Actually you did it already before - Dueling Sides and Scoreboard example - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwrfKzMN-hY
Highly Rated
Vaelflare stated back in October:

We feel that the monk has the most potential for improvement, and we have plans to make more changes to the monk after 1.0.5. The sort of changes we’d like to make are not simple number tweaks, though.

Why did you choose to just tweak monk skill damage instead of doing an overhaul on monk mechanics like you said was the correct fix in the past, and why do monks only have 14 passives compared to the 15 all other classes have? (barbs have 16)

With the change to sweeping wind snapshot mechanic ("bug fix"), keeping sweeping winds up at all times to maintain a snapshot is less needed. This makes the four piece set bonus for Inna's far less desirable. Do you have any plans to change the set bonuses for Inna's 4 piece set AND the abysmal bonus of .33 spirit per second that the 3 piece set gives?
Highly Rated
Part of what made Starcraft 2 so successful is the fact that you could find almost every kind of custom game imaginable.

Are you going to offer different gameplay modes, or at least more content, in the future for Diablo 3?
Highly Rated
I am CountFury from the Monk forums community.

the question we would like to ask developers is,
what changes do you have in mind regarding the re-adjustment of the Monk class
in 1.0.7 and beyond,

when it comes to the issue of the incomplete passives, the unused mantra runes,
and the forgotten spirit generators; in order to strengthen the class' balance,
aligning with the lore of what it means to be a monk,
to ultimately, fulfill the promise of build variety?

Thank you.
Highly Rated
When looking at the skills and runes that are actively picked (http://diablo.somepage.com/popular/) there are over 20 skills, and dozens of runes, that are used by less than 2% of players at level 60. The changes just to Monks and Wizards in patch 1.0.7 don't really address this. Why aren't there more changes made to the skills and runes that nobody wants to use, to provide more interesting skills and runes to choose from?
Highly Rated
Why is the wizard's buff in this patch felt so underwhelming. I thought this is the big patch for the wizard? The damage increment for certain spells are certainly not attractive and I doubt any wizards will even bother to use these spells when the patch goes live(for e.g. Arcane orbit). Wizard players will stick to the traditional CM/WW build in 1.07 unless something are done about Wizard.

Frankly speaking, I thought you guys will at least take a look at the wizard's passive and other under-performed spells/runes such as Mirror Image(Mirror Mimic), or Energy Twister (Raging Storm), but you guys didn't. I would like to know the answer why you guys took different approach in 1.07 for wizard.
Highly Rated
What are the plans in 1.0.7 and beyond for improving 2-handed weapons in general and for wizards specifically to make them competitive with 1-handed weapons?

Currently, thanks to AP on crit, critical mass, and bonus stats on offhands, 1-handed weapons have been the clear choice for high-end wizards. The same seems to be true for other classes (excluding demon hunters), for reasons I'm less knowledgeable about.
Highly Rated
What is the reason the new crafting recipes require so much gold cost and crafting materials and so little infernal essences?
Highly Rated
Since characters dont have skill trees, I suggest a new class of armor and weapons that have skill trees in 1.07, I would be willing to wait for this. Would make for great build diversity.

Weapons/Armor start out weaker.

You have to grind to upgrade, choices are permanent

Skills make a lot more of a difference than current affixes.

I think this could be best of both worlds from D2/D3
Highly Rated
Blizzard claims to stand firm against cheating, and puts out the occasional generic "players have been banned for cheating" announcement, but has never addressed the amount of duped items at the AH. The community has been bringing this up for months, and think they haven't addressed it because it actually benefits Blizzard by more RMAH sales, and might actually be doing the duping themselves via account rollbacks.
In 1.0.7, or any future patch, are the Dev's planning on doing anything about item duping, items dupes, the people duping items and/or botting; and does Blizzard intend to be any more open about what they are doing, if anything?
Highly Rated
Could you please explain your reasoning behind making the new crafted rares account bound?
A lot of the allure of grinding for items in this game is that small chance of ‘striking it rich’ with an item that will sell for millions on the auction house.
In my opinion, making these items account-bound takes away a lot of the incentive for me to even try to grind for plans and materials.
Highly Rated
With the changes to Nephalem Valor being able to persist between acts, is there any plans to create a way to go between acts WITHOUT having to linearly go through each act? Most people that farm don’t go from the beginning to the end of an act, so maybe an npc or something along those lines that allows you to go from act to act without losing your NV stacks? :)

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