"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7

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Is there going to be a bonus besides banner graphics for finishing up the Achievements?
The hardcore mode of the game is something that has been carried over from Diablo 2. Many of the hardcore community of Diablo 3 are previous members of that community as well.

Given the D2 tradition and the general sentiment about PvP from the hardcore community, why isn't permanent death for hardcore characters in PvP at least included as an option in this release?
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My question to the Developers is:

Will there be any changes to the attributes on items to help improve the random rolls?

There are so many "useless" attributes. If you were to get rid of some of them it would improve the rolls on items and hopefully make them better. It is really crappy right now knowing that if you get 10 legendaries to drop you might get 1 decent 1 out of the 10 and the rest are crap. That is not fun to me and I have heard it from others the same. Please address this issue.
Will we be able to use our Mercs in Multiplayer in 1.07 or later?
Why are skills like dashing strike so buggy not to mention back in Oct we were told there were changes in the works to runes and the function of lashing tailkick yet we only have # changes in 1.0.7

I would live to use dashing strike but in its current form it cause a lot of rubberbanding and does not function when dashing towards a moving target. I would like a rune that allows dashing to a location at the cost of a cooldown or even maybe without since it already cost 25 spirit.
Many of your games have a mad editor, like starcraft, starcraft II and warcraft III.

Those map editor allowed the community to create new mini games and some of them even out classed the actual game! (Im thinking about DOTA in wc3 here).

So my question is, did you think about doing a map editor in diablo 3 ?

It could be nice to see what the community could create. Maybe they could even find a way to create PvP maps in a way you guys we're not able to create.

We could have tons of mini games that we could play with our characters, giving new life and meaning to all that farming, knowing we could go play and own others mini games with our hard work farming.
Will BoA items be more and more common with future updates? I believe they are required to balance the AH.

Also, are there any plans to add MANY new legendaries? Being able to tell exactly what the item is before you ID isn't that fun, and with having so few decent legendaries, there really is no choice in what to wear. There are too many best in slot items that really do take away your freedom of choice if you want to have a good character.
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Any plan about giving more XP when we do Blow, Killing spree, break many objetcs in row?

It's currently more disturbing with the popup on screen than rewarding. A Massive Blow killing 19 at once give less than 2K. I don't know what everyone can achieve and how often they can do it, but for sure there is room for improvement with those bonus.
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Is there any additional planned usage for fiery brimstone in 1.0.7? The inclusion of a single fiery brimstone in the new amulet crafting recipe seems like a minimal additional brimstone sink. Would you consider adjusting the amulet recipe to require 3 brimstones and an adjusted reduced gold cost to compensate? Or including brimstone in the new gloves crafting recipe?
Is there any plan to add a Ladder type of system?

The auction house is full of dupe
The economy is dead
There any no goal at to reach level 60 ou even 60 (100) first.

Im quite sure there would be a LOT of player if we had some sort of competitive system.
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Will finally in 1.0.7 shows more than 5 buffs? it would help a lot ...
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I would like to know why the decision was made to improve Rubies to be a more viable choice when compared to the Emerald when placed in weapons, but no improvements were made to the other 2 gem types to bolster their desirability?
What if anything is being changed in relation to itemization in 1.07? Specifically two handers?
Some achievements weren't properly awarded at the release of the game, an issue which still isn't solved after over 8 months. For me it's my softcore barbarian not properly having the credit for reaching level 60 and thus denying me two achievements related to that criteria.

Are you ever planning to fix this or just ignore it like most of the other "known issues"?
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Would you consider unlocking a 4th passive skill slot for players upon reaching Paragon 100? I think this would be a nice bonus for taking the time to hit 100 and will further open up build options for every class.
How come there is no kind of que system put in place for pvp? It seems like you guys just tossed pvp out to us and said well here you guys figure it out we sure can't.

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