"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7

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Why cant witch doctors keep up with other classes. Every time i hop into a duel its with a Barb or a monk. or both i cannot keep up with them on damage. i get 2 or 3 shot every time. my pet should be able to hold them off not get torn through.
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Are there any plans to make Tal Rasha's set bonus something more useful?

Other classes get all resists, stats, crit chance.

An example of a possible set bonus would be +130 int, like the zuni set.
If you have 2500 int, +130 int amounts to a 5% across the board damage increase. At 3300 int, +130 int amounts to a 3.82% across the board damage increase.

Or perhaps something really outside the box such as this:
Effectiveness of damage, defensive, and resource related passive skills is increased by 10%.

Here's what some of those skill would look like

Power Hungry
Gain 33 Arcane Power whenever you are healed by a health globe.

Glass Cannon
Increases all damage done by 16.5%, but decreases Armor and resistances by 9%.

Fire damage dealt to enemies applies a burning effect, increasing all damage done to them by 11% for 3.3 seconds.
Do crafting plans that drop from the specific monsters that have the 50% drop chance all fall equally?

I.E. if I defeat one of the specific monsters and the game rolls and decides to drop a crafting plan, is there an equall probability for any of the plans to drop or are some "more rare" then others
You have only posted preliminary patch notes for 1.07 on the PTR; what else is in the works that you are willing to discuss for this instance of the PTR I should add?
im sure there is a post somewhere in the questions but i didn't see it, Will there be some kind of reconfig for the hell fire ring? as it takes a long time to search for and hope to get items to create machines, and then hope to get a drop for part for the machine. Only to find out the ring you craft is otherwise worthless. Will this be the case with new items for crafting?
Is there a planned rework on current Set / Legendary Crafting Plans?

They have been touched on in 1.0.5 but are still quite useless since they cannot roll ilvl 63 stats.

With the new BOA plans they become even more useless.

Will there be a complete overhaul of these existing Set/Legendary Crafts?
Are there any plans to make Tal Rasha's set bonus something more useful?

Other classes get all resists, stats, crit chance.
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Diablo 2 had probably the best crafting mechanics out of any game in history. It required thorough knowledge of the game (to know which exact blues or whites to pick up), was a great sink for gems and runes, and gave you focused results, whether it be creating a new item, modifying an item, upgrading, or adding sockets.

Fast forward to Diablo 3, and you have a crafting system that is really more like a gambling system. It just makes random yellows by breaking down every item that drops into materials. And now in 1.0.7 you are attempting to rectify it by adding some new recipes, but there still isn't anything listed such as upgrading items, adding sockets, or even guaranteeing any stats other than primaries.

Normally it would be expected of a sequel to surpass it's predecessor in game mechanics like this, not the other way around. Why is Diablo 3's crafting system so bare-bones? Did you just run out of time during development? And do you plan on improving crafting throughout future patches to try to rival Diablo 2's legendary crafting system, or is 1.0.7 supposed to do that?

(edit: changed wording)
Have you considered implanting some kind of Bind on Account restrictions associated with the auction house? A "bind on buy" from the AH would fix a lot of problems with the economy, in my opinion. It would also make it impossible to "flip items" to make gold without having to play the game at all, which is a big problem for the economy and the game as a whole.... in 1.07! (I realize that my question has nothing to do with 1.07)
Would you consider making items more likely to roll good stats the higher mp level you play?
What is the basis for adding BOA items to a rpg game that is based on finding and trading stuff?
my question is about the thorn dmg, i know it is viable at lower mp but there were plans to improve it for higher difficulties iirc, so any updates about it in 1.07?
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The wizard, as a "ranged" class has nothing that even come close to spray of teeth. If you consider resources, AOE, single target DPS, range, and projectile speed; spray of teeth may be the best ranged skill in the entire game.

Do you have any plans to make wizard's ranged arsenal more useful?
Patch 1.0.7 attempts to address issues with achievements that have never been obtainable at any point since Diablo 3's release in May 2012.

Does Blizzard feel that it has met its own high standards when it comes to the achievement system?
Hello, Devs!

What are you planning, if anything, regarding the Hardcore community?

Thanks for your hard work on the game!
Would you consider increasing the range of "Exploding palm" explosion, either as a rune or as a standard.

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