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Will you improve the interface of Diablo 3 particularly at the social aspect by inserting a chat/lobby looks more aesthetic with the ability to create a private channel with administrator rights, and to create our own publics games with the name we want?

Example of what I’m thinking(V4) : http://www.diablofans.com/topic/35494-new-battlenet-mockup/

A special topic which massively support this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7416062244
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Hey Blizzard D3 team. Don't you want to include higher minimal roll for stats all across the D3 items in 1.07 update? If not, - Why is that? You can reduce the number of total items that drops in the game.

Thanks in advance. Sorry for any misspelling.
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Are there any plans to make the dueling in D3 more like the dueling in D2? The following features are some examples of how the current version of dueling in the PTR can be improved:
1) increase player limit from 4 to 8
2) enable the formation of parties among players in the game
3) allow for open world dueling
3) include a feature that enable players to find people to duel
-the PVP channel simply is not efficient nor convenient to find specific people you want to duel against
-potential options to solve this issue are the "create a game" features from D2 or a version of the "Public Games" option that we currently have in D3, but modified from joining games for quest purposes to joining games for dueling purposes
-for example, instead of joining games to complete the quest to kill Azmodan, there are options to join games for "melee duels" or "range duels" or "monk duels"
The first three options brings back the chaotic nature of D2 duels, which made them so fun.
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The critical mass effect for teleport in archon form was fixed in 1.07. But the Oculus source (wizard offhand legendary item) with reduced teleport cooldown doesn't affect archon. Is this a bug or by design?
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Will rubies less than marquise receive buffs? And if not, why won't they?
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I have read as part of 1.07 that Vanishing Dyes will usable on all Legendary, Set, and Rare items, and eventually the various colored dyes. However, I feel that there are many under-used art/modeling assets on sub-Item Level 58 armor that never see the light of day again upon a character reaching Inferno.

In 1.07 or any future patch, are there any plans to allow for a World of Warcraft-like system of transmogrification that will allow players to alter the appearance of Legendary, Set, and Rare items to the armor model of their choosing (staying within the existing class- and gender-specific models for each armor tier), in addition to color/vanish customization?

Example: Transmogrify my ilvl 63 Voodoo Mask "Zuni Vision" to have the appearance of ilvl 26 Voodoo Mask "Quetzalcoatl." Or, Transmogrify my "Zuni Trail" to look like ilvl19 Chain Boots.
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Can you please explain your rationale behind gems? In particular, why add a new tier of gems as opposed to changing/buffing the existing gem tiers*. Many of us are confused as to why only the ruby got love, and why, even then it was only at the marquis level. Are there any plans to buff the existing gem tiers and/or change the topaz weapon affix?

*Adding a new tier in-and-of-itself is fine, but I think most agree changing the existing gem tiers would have been more beneficial.

Thanks to the D3 team for improving communication with the community.
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In Patch 1.0.7 you have taken steps to eliminate the snapshotting portion of the Sweeping Wind Mechanic in favor of real time damage updating. Currently, a vast majority of monks are using Blinding Flash: Faith in the Light to buff the damage of their Sweeping Wind and Cyclones. I assume that because patch 1.0.7 would have caused a large drop in effective DPS you have buffed the base damage for both of these skills to compensate. However, it appears that monks using this spec are losing at least 5% of their overall effective dps and no other spec combination approaches the same level of damage of the 1.0.6 standard cyclone monk, ie. the buffed Spirit Generators may seem like a fun option but they fall flat when trying to use them to maintain a high level of sustained dps.

My question is that given the above, are you happy with the 1.0.7 reduction in monk dps or are you planning to further buff spirit spenders and/or SW+Cyclone base damage to compensate for this loss.
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Can Class and follwers only gear have the stats that are designated for them? for example a DH cloak drops and has strength on it, and a temlar relic with dexterity on it.
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Monk class: Why did you choose to increase the dmg of many of the spirit spenders, instead of balancing spirit regeneration and monk passive skills which many monks feel are the really important issues of the class? Solving these two problems could have helped balancing the spirit spenders as a side effect and would've opened up many more build options.
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Does the dev team feel there should be more incentive for PvP?
(i.e. experience, prizes, scorekeeping with some sort of online leaderboard for who has the most kills, etc.)
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Hi LyLirra :)

My Question for Patch 1.07 is about Monster Density:

Do the Devs plan on increasing Monster Density in Act1-2 and 4 because act3 is the only one that is most efficiant to farm due to alot of monsters in it. I like Act1 and Act2 but i barely ever play them because of the fact that they have alot less monster density then Act3 does. The dev's should consider increasing monster densities in other acts so they become efficiant to farm like act3 is.

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Since D3 was released, we see a growing Know Issues list. Not a single patch was dedicated to fix most of those.

With 1.0.7 around the corner, it's clear the same thing will happen.

- Current 1.06a Known Issues: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6369438018

- What will be fixed (1.07 PTR notes): http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/8414570/Public_Test_Realm_--_Patch_107_Notes_Updated_122-1_22_2013

From one patch to another, you have to copy/paste the list.


Any plan for a patch in a near future that will focus on fixing all the current Known Issues (and then some...)?

It would be nice to start with a fresh new empty Known Issues list after an upcoming patch.
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Why were existing rubies not buffed to give more of a linear progression with the Marquise tier ruby? The jump from +20 min/max damage to +150 min/max damage makes no sense when compared to the progression of other gems, and the crafting cost of the Marquise tier ruby prevents the black damage bonus from being used by many casual players who might get more benefit from it than an emerald of the same tier. Are there any plans to adjust the weapon bonuses for the 1st 14 tiers of ruby to be more competitive with the 1st 14 tiers of emeralds?
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Do you have plans to allow players to choose their enemies in the Scorched Chapel (similar to Diablo II's hostile selection)? FFA is fun, but sometimes 2v2 or 3v1 is even more fun. Also, players will be able to observe duels without being hit, allowing fun tournaments and streams.
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Is there any news about making on-kill mechanics like Archon more group friendly?

It would be nice to be able to team up with my wizard friends without making them change builds.
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Right now the game rewards players who flip items via the auction house. What steps will you take to make the game MORE rewarding to the players who actually spend time in game and farm for items?
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I am upset to see the "black weapon bug" (i.e. weapons with the min/max damage affix) not addressed in patch 1.0.7. I understand why "nerfing" this item would upset a lot of players who have invested into "black weapons" but what about players who have invested into elemental weapon types only to find out that their weapons are not scaling evenly with other affixes. There is nothing in the game or user interface that shows the player that "black weapons" are of higher quality.

Don’t you think this is misleading?

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