"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7

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Would you consider a monk passive that works like "Life steal"?

Reasoning, we are a melee class like the Barbarian, though I can't help but to feel that Barbarians have it easier with their life steal belts.
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Do you ever plan on expanding on the "lobby" system for Diablo 3? Currently the lobby is very.. uh, not easy to find friends. Why not revert to the Diablo 2 style of finding games and allowing the customobility of channels and such.

Would you consider letting monks spawn with full spirit?
Will you be upgrading the current Ruby gems so that it scales with the Marquise Ruby when the 1.07 Patch becomes Live?
Could you please add 3% - 5% XP gain per Paragon level as well for patch 1.0.7 or look into doing it in any near patches in the future?

I just feel a paragon level needs to be somewhat more rewarding than it current is now.

Thank you.
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2v2/3v1 Dueling and Scoreboard Request

Are you planning to add "choose a side" (blue/red sides) and a simple Scoreboard (that shows who kills the most, at least) to the game in this patch?

Actually you did it already before - Dueling Sides and Scoreboard example - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hwrf

01/29/2013 10:00 AMPosted by Oray
score boards would be a great addition
There was once a tiered system for each skill variant in the form of runestones.

Would you consider adding in items/affixes that tap into that discarded system? I would like to find an amulet that increased the radius of my explosive blast, or the number of bolts I shoot. It would make item upgrades a lot more interesting and might increase the number of build options available.
As a player since launch and who lost interest after a few months in because the risk/reward factor was no where near balanced enough, what are your plans to attract people like me, who enjoy a good challenge but want to be rewarded for it, to return to playing the game?
You as developer's have taken the time to buff some under used skills for the wizard. Many would argue over the fact that more was needed. The community was looking forward to alternative synergies between multiple skills, but instead received number tweaks.

Any plans on how to rebalance Wave of Force, Arc lighting, non-runed skills? Would it be hard to increase Arc lighting's angle of attack to 360 degree's? (i.e. like wave of force)? If you think arc lighting is fine "where it stands" then why would we choose it over any version of spectral blades?
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This patch has been referred to as a patch for wizards and monks, with more changes for those two classes than the others. Previously, it was stated that a lot of the changes for wizards required more than simply changing numbers in order to create more synergy among the wizard skills, but the changes in this patch largely are relgated to additional number tweaking, and doesn't appear to improve synergy of our skills at all.

Are these skill changes still forthcoming in future patches, or do the devs view these as the necessary changes for wizards that were previously discussed?
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Diablo 3 may have more Legendary items than Diablo 2 had on release - however, do you realise that in Diablo 3 there are more item slots so each slot only has 1-2 endgame Legendary items? This makes characters look and feel extremely generic.

I'm sick of seeing everyone wearing a Vile Ward or some halloweed skull mask/samurai outfit.

Will there be more Legendary items introduced in patches?
Will you fix "everybody loves shen" and other bugged achieviements in 1.0.7?
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Currently there are many hidden mechanics for many active and passive skills. It would be vastly beneficial to the players to have access to this information as far as build diversity and experimentation is concerned.

Q: Is there any chance of adding this information to the Advanced Tooltips so players have the option to view the maximum amount of details for each skill (Proc Coefficient, LL/LOH, Reflect Dmg flags, etc)?


Proc Co: 12.5%
Life Steal: 3%/2.25%/1.5%/0.6%
Life on Hit: 325
Crit Chance: 25%
Reflect: Yes

Forked Lightning
Proc Co: 5%
Life Steal: 3%/2.25%/1.5%/0.6%
Life on Hit: 150
Crit Chance: 25%
Reflect: Yes
Hello, Devs. As Lyrilla asked - provocative question.

In Patch 1.0.7 you introduced new tier of gems. That's nice (even thought Topaz and Emerald gems are still crappy). But the tendency of increasing quantity and not quality in patches is bad, for the most part.

Basically, you just increased some values so top players will have more DPS or EHP. But that changes are not affecting gameplay. As a player i'm interested in good gameplay. The paragon, monster power and ubers patches were very nice, thanks for them. They added alot to gameplay. Some fixes to skills and some skills redone were great as well. And yet the patch 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 is a step back, in my opinion. Minor changes, introducing of dueling (which is added "just to be", because it got no balance and no support from You) is nothing really for gameplay.

My question is related to Patch 1.0.7 and all future Patches as well :

No offense to you, but do You still got some ace up your sleeve in the upcoming patch(es)? Something that really changes gameplay, like you told us about Monk class complete change or DH Grenades change?
What is the developers view of typical Monk players' resource usage decision that has required Wall of Light being buffed to 890% weapon damage in 1.07 from 150% at launch?
are there any plans on creating a new dexterity based legendary shield for sword and board monks? or at least allow Stormshield to roll either strength or dexterity?
The Wizard class is getting buffs in 1.0.7.
It is a step in the good direction, but are any further reworks planned for the Wizard?
Reworks like, ie. modifying some runes to change the damage type of spells in order to make full elemental builds possible?
Hi blizz,

Diablo 3 game was launched on May 15 2012 and today January 29 2013 so where adding Ukraine which was in Add list in Autumn 2011 when beta of D3 launched and AH was presented with RMAH, thos ALOT of time to add 1 Country, so tell me when it happens or for today blizz wont add it ?

Can you add Ukraine with PayPal into options of Diablo 3 in patch 1.0.7 fast? Cause you promised it earlier, so make it happen !!!

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