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Monk resource generation is at the core of the class' problems. It is ultimately what limits us to very specific builds with high spirit efficiency. Why is this issue being avoided so much when it comes to class tweaks?
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I always viewed Diablo as a game about character creation, not a grind fest. Do you have any future plans on expanding the depth of character creation beyond coloring armor and naming them? And on the same note, are there plans to buff skill runes to be competitive and allow for more varied builds?

Well why stop there...lets just save them a bunch of time and money then right? Here you go. Report it if you want, but here's my fast opinion on this title thus far, and refer to the initial post for more details.

4) Need to create EVENTS and QUESTING like every other MMORPG (sorry to say it, cus I know we're not entirely MMORPG community). Since this game is repetitive and linear, there need to be events, like endless zombie and skeleton waves at a temple. Give us more variety than Rakki's Crossing and Arreat Crater 2.

5) Elevation needs to increase damage/defense slightly.

6)Dueling and PVP should require players to SELECT skills to bring into battle and not have access to all, unless unlocked. Certain classes (Monk and WD) are OP compared to other classes REGARDLESS of Paragon.

7) Again, fix your trigger system on champs...

8) Gems and crafting can change this game entirely. Use those white weapon drops, and have characters maintain and build upon them. Enchantments, certain repairs and upgrades, could make a once useless weapon, into an account bound powerhouse. Gems are stupid expensive for +4 stats ad not everyone has 20 million. That's ridiculous. Average players, NOT FARMERS WHO OWN AH MARKET %'s, can't afford these. Either make increased gem value DROP, or have break down, so players have to replace them at minimal cost.

9) More build diversity, and more open-world style exploration is key. Again, creating events with preexisting environments, and pre-rendered units, means mapping over those and alteration is far easier, cost effective, and increases game depth. I understand that Expansion Packs will most likely contain more areas of discovery, but this community needs a LOT more "open-world" wanderlust.

10) Thinning your marketplace is almost impossible. With rapid inflation of the AH (due to farmers, botters, and hackers) Introduction of a new currency, to potentially obtain other weapons from another "realm", may be a way to reduce the allure of gold-farming, yet keeping it an integral part of the game.

11) Account bound items should make players want to grind. 1,500,000 for Account bound rare chest armor is ridiculous. Making other set pieces with godly attributes, and potentially low durability makes you think more strategically.

12)Something like the Horadric cube would be invaluable. Give players the ability to create or destroy an item with certain combinations. This helps all parties including D3 team.

This is enough for now, and are just suggestions. I like reading what everyone else suggests as well. Some of you guys have awesome ideas and modifications. Keep it up!
Are you guys going to fix the map ping issue off legendary drops? add more sound options in the menu so i can turn off them bloody monsters dying sounds 24/7 and allow me to only turn on legendary drop sound so i may lisent to music others would appreciate it also
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I want to ask about Monks. In the last major patch Monks were completely ignored. It took nearly the entirety of testing the patch before any 'blues' responded to these concerns. When they did it was both shattering and hopeful. Shattering because we weren't going to get anything that patch at all. Well.. other than a nerf to our much needed armor(which I still feel to this day. Even most DH's have more armour than me-- seeing how nearly every peice of there set comes with added armor) and hopeful because it seemed the devs knew and acknowledged there was a problem with Monks and labeled it as something more complex than could fit into that current patch. In fact a 'blue' is quoted as saying they need more than just number changes. So us Monks became hopeful that the next patch that Monks would get some much needed love.

There were some very good discussions and suggestions about Monks from the 'Blues.' Including better spirit management(which really may be the perfect bandaid for Monks til a real redesign is on the table), adding teleportation to every rune of 'Fist of Thunder'(freeing us to actually use a different rune than just thunderclap that 99% of the monks use) and taking knockback off of Lashing Kick(save one rune for those that want it on it.)

So my question, about this patch, is why are the only changes to monks "just number changes?" The one thing you said would not solve the problem?
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sheet dps is counterintuitive

when we'll be able to see ingame the actual damage ranges (crit included) for each of the 6 skills used at a current time? because right now to see this info we need to go search the web for calculators
Current itemization is a mess. At lower levels a character's stats make a majority of their ending ability score, and items contribute very little. As levels progress the rate at which the character earns ability bonuses is far out-paced by the bonuses gained from items.

This creates an exponentially increasing dependancy on items. In a game driven by loot this severly narrows the scope of applicable items that the players can use to succeed. That then creates the feeling that a vast majority of found/crafted items are "bad". Truth be told, it's only because they are not in the top 1% of the top 1% that 90% of the players are looking for.

If item stat values were dropped drastically, and character ability scores per level were increased drastically (perhaps even to the point where players can assign some or all of their points manually?) this would invert the core issue of itemization: stat dependancy. This inversion will make lower level and lower bonus items much more viable, reducing dependancy, increasing viable variety, and by synergy increase the potential for build diversity.

Q: A drastic, but corrective measure like this has not even been mentioned in a public forum by the Devs. Is something like this on the table at this point? If not, why?
Are you going to change the way of displaying buffs in the patch 1.0.7 as you have announced a few weeks ago?
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You promised you were HARD at work on monks for months and that they needs more than just a numbers tweak.

Yet, this being the big "monk" patch, all you did infact was tweak the damage multipliers for some spirit spenders.

When do you plan on giving the monks a true balanced and more synergistic skillset along with a LIFE STEAL passive, not a Life per spirit spent passive.

Life steal right now absolutely demolishes Life per spirit spent. You would need to raise it to 300 to even compete.
The reason emeralds are so popular in weapons is because they actually scale up to a good RNG roll for a desirable attribute - Critical Damage %. If the other gems scaled similarly for a desired attribute, such as attack speed, critical hit %, min/max dmg (marquis ruby finally does this) or primary attribute, they would become a desirable socketing option overnight.

As it currently stands, gems as a gold and collectible item sink are about the only "tree" of customization available to players.

What do you plan to do to socketed gems to make them the customization path that they ultimately have become?
Why do you have such high gold cost for the new crafts instead of having higher material cost? It would let those materials actually be worth something, like the iridescent tears. It would even give the useless brimstones some worth. At least when getting a junky legendary we can could get something out of it instead of just 20k. For the amulet 3 brimstones and only like 20k gold + other materials would help use the brimstones in the market.
In 1.0.7 you adressed some issues with the monks abilities not being viable enough. This concerned their damaging abilities. Are/would you readjust some of the utility abilities to make them more inline and possibly justify putting them in your bar?

example: as a demon hunter I tried out the ferret companion ability because I wanted to speed up my runs. I basically one shot whites on mp1, and was frustrated to see my ferrets rushing to aid me in battle (??) and then afterwards waddle towards the gold only to be cut short cause by then I would already have vaulted/tactical advantage run to the next pack. The skill as I see it is there to make up for lack of pick up radius on your gear, not to increase your dps. It would be much more favorable if they only picked up gold and at such speeds that they don't hinter your gameplay.
I don't know how others feel about this, but are there going to be charms anywhere in the future? Maybe make it so a toon can only have 5 runes active at any given time. I'm not even taking about the "Grand skill charms" but the small ones with pick-up radius and all resist. Also a boost to vitality and added damage to elites. These could be incorporated in the rare material drops, as an option to create such charms.
when could we see maybe being able to socket items ourselves?

The new gem plans, why so expensive to make and so underpowered? For the cost of them you should get the same stats as 3 radiant stars plus some extra, also a black diamond of crit chance would be awesome.

BoA bad idea for new recipes, it is a real let down to not be able to sell the cool items in which you have spent so much to craft.
What I miss most about playing the Wizard class is to make viable High MP solo elemental builds like in the good ol' days of D2's Sorc class.

Where are the promised syngergy changes for Wiz skills? Balancing out the elements so that we can have viable elemental builds.
In hardcore will it be possible to remove the customer service button and replace it with a pause menu. I dont know about other people but that button nearly kills me when i am skipping chat. Will Pause button be viable in later patches? like star craft would can there be a limit such as (3) per person to pause the game to avoid lags and drops of other players and your self.

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