"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7

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As was posted in a Blue response recently, many people complain that what seem like simple changes to them don't make it into the game as fast as they want to. The majority of these comments came from people who demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of software development fundamentals. On the other hand, quite a few comments were made in defense of the team from players who themselves are in the industry (myself included.)

In light of that thread, and out of professional curiosity, I would like to learn more about the software development process in the Diablo 3 team. Could you care to go into a bit more detail on how you guys go about delivering the game, fixes, patches and especially the changes brought into 1.07? "A day in the life of a D3 team member" type answer would be awesome!

Is every act going to have its own arena/map for dueling?

Will a scoreboard of kills be incorporated? If not, eventually?

Will the monks animation ever change based on the weapon they are wielding instead of just punching? Would look a bit better when dueling.
Are there any future plans for making the crafting system better? For example having crafted items scale with your paragon level? That would give players a massive incentive to get paragon levels.
Will you change/readjust runes which are useless compared to the other runes?

Example: Kiss of Death, Pillar of the Ancients, etc...
Why doesn't 1.07 fixes core issues like map randomization, skill points, ident all, loot, act 3 endless farming and so on? Can you confirm you guys are deaf and/or blind?
Why are the demonic essences such a common drop, that just makes all sorts of elite farming runs like A2 farming not necessary and we are again at the spot where you just farm A3.
My question is in regards to how the moddifer "reduce elite damage" works in pvp. Does it reduce all damage from elites or are there skills that it will not work on?
01/29/2013 10:00 AMPosted by Somaveriar
When looking at the skills and runes that are actively picked (http://diablo.somepage.com/popular/) there are over 20 skills, and dozens of runes, that are used by less than 2% of players at level 60. The changes just to Monks and Wizards in patch 1.0.7 don't really address this. Why aren't there more changes made to the skills and runes that nobody wants to use, to provide more interesting skills and runes to choose from?

I feel this way to as well as why some classes seem to be designed for higher Montser Powers, (Monks and Barbarians) and others just seem to be really "squishy" (Demon Hunters) Demon Hunters are almost useless excpet in PTR Dueling. Can Demon Hunters get like new skills or a buff?
If our settings are in MP5, for example, and if there is no game in MP5 during the research, the character should automatically join a MP4 or MP6 game.
Would you consider raising the xp bonus on the higher mp levels 7-10 even further?

I think your decision to up the xp bonus is a step in the right direction. I do however think it wouldn't hurt to up the bonus further, especially on mp 7-10. Killing, even with good gear on mp-10 is still much slower than mp-1. I don't think it would hurt to adjust it even higher. MP-10 should be harder in most aspects, like surviving, killing and so forth. I do however fail to see the reward for us that want the challenge of MP-10, both in terms of "good items" and experience.
When will change the poor itemization, I mean DH bow with WD skill... you increased the chance of lvl63 items and legends but still trash... The drop rate is good but the quality is crap i mean +90% of item drops are usless. Remeber the itemization in d2 a shako still good if drops a non perfect.
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Just ONE question:

How hard is it to make us see more than 5 active buff icons?
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Is Auction House to equipped character weapon/gear comparison going to be in 1.07? It is sorely needed.
1. Are we ever going to see more build diversity in wizards anytime soon? Only viable build in higher mp is permafreeze build and frankly, it's overpowered. It just gets boring after awhile. Please consider buffing other skills/runes so we can have some variety.

2. Whoever designed barb passives needs to look at every other class' passives because barb passives are actually GOOD,AND promotes build diversity.

3. Since ruby is getting buffed for weapons, y not buff amethysts and topazs. Make amethyst give life steal instead of life on hit after star quality or something or ias for topaz, or ANYTHING TO MAKE THEM MORE VIABLE.
I saw many requests for the button to 'identify all items'. I think it would save us time to have all items already identified when picking up from the ground. What are the design decisions to have unidentified items in the first place and force the users to spend time to identify each piece?
how about giving us more reason to grind other than for item/

my idea is adding skill enchant

after + 3 chance to fail skill upgrading ( 35% chance fail). ( maybe max lvl 10)

1) everytime u enchant skill u lose % of exp. ( now we have reason to get more xp)

2) or u lose 1 lvl for exhange of enchanting 1 skill.

You can only enchant after your lvl is 60.

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