"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7

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Will you guys be making he crafting system usable again? ive noticed after lvl 60 it becomes useless and is not worth the money. Nobody uses it anymore and thats pretty much a huge aspect of what the game was supposed to be. So could you guys make more concrete items that we could make, and that we could actually afford? After lvl 60 it seems that we can only rely on the auction house.. which does not seem like the spirit of diablo.
Is there anything further on progress with ceasing the endless disconnects stemming from Barb WW and monk TR?
Many are shocked that it's still currently impossible to get every achievement in Diablo 3, 8 months after release. Will achievements be 100% achievable in 1.0.7?
I just want to know what plans, if any, there are to fix the horrendous loot and itemization.

I'm sure there's a post in one of these 23 pages about it. Please answer it.
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Dear Devs,

Why on earth is not 1.07 addressing the most simple of all solutions to the majority of the communities outcries?

I'm talking about monster density. You have got to be kidding me if you believe doing thousands of hours of A3 runs are fun. If you don't increase monster density, then for the love of god, why can't we Waypoint to other acts?

I loathe restarting a run over and over again, ever 10 minutes because well, i've killed the only high density areas in the game. It's pathetic and it feels more like a job than fun.

Please give me a REASONABLE answer as to why one of the two options isn't even being implemented AFTER MONTHS OF OUTCRY from your community

A) increase Mob density to match A3, which makes all acts viable or at least closer


B) Let us Waypoint to other acts. I would enjoy a long run of clearing out my typical A3 run then hoping over to A2 and hitting up the vault of assassin and end up in A1 and maybe even do a pony run all in one go. That would be sooo much more fun.

Please give me some kind of response as to why you guys are continually failing to answer the communities feedback. this isn't something recent, we have been asking for this FOR MONTHS. I'm amazed how much you guys don't like to give responses to such simple solutions that will make your entire community happy.

There is not a single negative thing about either of the two options listed above.
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Lifesteal is very attractive stat, but has poor availability for classes outside the Barbarian. Are there any plans to (or would you consider) making LS more available to other classes?

Examples (I'm a Wizard):

- Add LS as a stat roll to all belts, not just Mighty, and/or to jewelry
- Increase Magic Weapon - Blood Magic rune from 1.5% to 3%
- Wizard passive that adds 2% LS and 5% Attack Speed
- Make topaz gem in weapons add heavy LS component (e.g. 6% for Marquis)
- Replace one of Tal Rasha set's lackluster bonuses with LS
I believe implementing new item sinks should be priority #1. They open up new options for making the game fun for people who don't care about the AH or economy without breaking it.

Why was the team originally against the idea of Account-Bound / Character-Bound items?

What has changed to make the D3 team consider them now?

It seems like you've warmed up to the idea with this latest patch but I believe it needs to be taken further. The economy and AH experience will always be terrible until we can take items out of the game.

Perhaps when someone buys an item through the AH it becomes Account-Bound?
Why make the new crafting materials/items Bind to Account?
I don't see how it would be game breaking to let us trade them like every other item in Diablo III, I feel like this will head the game down a bad path.
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This is Coolcoollo from the Monk forums (though I rarely post there).

Monks currently have the least amount of passives. The passive choices are extremely narrow and limited with Seize the Initiative being the most used (after its nerf). One with Everything is slowly being phased out by many monks who can afford All Resistance on many slots. In light of this I feel the need to ask:

In or after 1.0.7 are there any plans to add or tweak any non-OwE passives?
Have you considered raising the damage from monsters on higher MP (but possibly lowering their HP in return).

As-is it encourages DPS at all costs builds over more balanced (survivability) type builds.
another hardcore request. Will there be a replay button much like in warcraft and starcraft on how we died. It will be easier to remember our deaths with a replay on how each character died and share to other players our story.
This is Coolcoollo from the Monk forums (though I rarely post there).

I'll present a playful question for the Devs.

In 1.0.7 what single tweak, buff, or change to a skill are you most excited about implementing and do you believe your excitement will be shared by the community?
Why new gem crafting is so expensive?
Next step should cost max 1 000 000 for craft and 100 000 for unsoceting.
Can this be changed ?
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Auto loot - Press a chosen hotkey and have your char run over picking up loot from the ground without the need for multiple clicks, instead just one keystroke.

Mass ID all - Have a NPC in town to ID items for you, or maybe have rares already IDed from the ground, much like magic items. Legendaries remain UnID.

Auto skip dialog/cutscenes - Much needed feature. The way dialog and cutscenes work now just break the fast paced feel to the game.

Refer this post for more details. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7704300424?page=1

So my question is:

Will we be seeing these quality of life features, and maybe others, implemented in patch 1.0.7, or a near future?

Edit: Grammar check.
Now that CC mechanics has changed since last patch, how does blinding flash : searing light works on 1.07?
Neither disintegrate nor arcane torrent nor arcane orb buffs were sufficient to make secondary spells oriented builds remotely as efficient as CM.
Are you going to promote ranged wizard build focused around more or less classic build setup (with secondary AP spender)?
Are there any future plans to introduce minor benefits to different damage types within the game?

It seems like a good area for growth and a missed opportunity to not have capitalised on this system.

This could also increase the application of the +X% Elemental Damage attribute so many legendaries have.
Any changes to existing crafting recipes, specifically the crafting costs (lowering)?

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