"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7

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Why are life steal belts limited to barbarians? It makes obtaining similar levels of sustain at high dps extraordinarily expensive relative to a barbarian as they have several passives as well to assist thus not requiring weapons to need life sustain. Are there any plans to balance this situation out?
When will rockworms and savage rockworms be fixed so the hardcore "We are the Champions" and "Trophy Hunting" achievements can be completed?
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One of the funnest times I remember in D2 was around the time of patch 1.09. Yes there were alot of bugs, the economy found no true value in gold but the dev team tried to make it viable, SOJ's ruled supreme, hackers ran havoc on the servers, people on open b.net could make their own mod of the game and people could join. The game wasn't perfect, no where nearthe but what some people are saying balanceing is the key issue but in D2 every char had their thing but yes was unbalanced but was extremely fun! This is not World of Warcraft. Sorry for my rant and here is my question.

#1. In D2 I could waypoint to every act, level or wherever I got the waypoint during my travels. As long as I completed the difficulty or the past acts I could waypoint to them without a hitch and I could keep killing Bosses. Yes Dev Teams, the Bosses was what made the game fun not a champion killing spree that have mods that make bosses feel weak, are we going to see a day where D3 lets me use the waypoint to go wherever I want too or are you going to continue tunnel vision me and have me go through the storyline text at the towns over and over and over?

#2. People played D2 because killing monsters reaped rewards and the bosses were challenging but paid off huge. This made it to where I could find Uniques (Legendaries) and Set Items every now and then and made it fun to constantly run farming games. When you look at D2 games that's all we did and we loved it, now I can't sell a white item for no more than 7g and Legendaries and Set items don't drop unless you spend hours playing. Why did you change the game for the mass majority that enjoyed D2 the way it was and listen to the few by changing the boss encounter rewards? I don't play this game mainly because of these two reason plus no dueling and a chat/mod/being able to see your buddies on screen feature in b.net.

Sorry for the rant but people are being too nice on here.
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Would you consider a buff to staves for this patch?

Some good ideas would be allowing them to roll arcane power on crit, max arcane power, mana regen, max mana, and all skill bonuses for wizards and WDs that weapons and offhands can roll.
The attack speed while designing the game was quite high that's why I think spirit generation was kinda balanced, Do you think it's possible to buff the 0.33 spirit generation on Shenlong's and Inna's? Because these buffs are seriously very underwhelming in Diablo 3 v1.07.
I feel there are WAY too many belts that are Barbarian only that should really be for all classes (IE: Thundergods). Give all the classes some LEGENDARY LOVE!
Simple question :
I'm sure you can clearly see that many of the runes and skills are absolutely useless and you can hardly find anyone using them. If you really want to make build diversity why don't you improve/change these runes/skills so that everyone wont be using more or less the same skills. In my view almost half the runes in each class are weak and ineffective compared to other choices unless they are buffed for damage or duration. Why don't you address these skills in all the classes, and only focus on the monk and wizard? Im sure you have statistics of how many users are using which skills why don't you improve the least used skills in all classes?
Do the devs have any plans to make changes to the way DOT attacks/spells deal damage in pvp? At the moment they seem to be the #1 complaint in pvp due to the large amount of damage they inflict over time.
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While reading answering all of these questions, can you guys just put together a list of issues that are "on the radar" and being worked on? Just so the community knows they've been heard, even if it's not what you're focusing on at the moment.
Why don't you allow wielding 2 weapon sets at a time and switching among them in combat as in D2 expansion? It is something that really allows build diversity. Or is it just being kept safe to be introduced when people have lost interest???
Does Blizzard plan on reducing the fees for the new item crafting? I feel with the current fees it is useless to craft and the gold we spend crafting could be better spent in the auction house.

I feel the crafting system should be a reward system. I personally think the current fees (demonic essence, tomes, jewels, fiery brimstone) without the gold would be sufficient.

With this system in place, I will find it enjoyable to farm elites. In other words, I will find it enjoyable to play the game how you guys keep saying it was meant to be played. That is, fight mobs with a slight spike in difficulty due to the elites.
Are there any plans to fix the way that Teleport works, especially when using Teleport: Wormhole? As it stands now, there are frequent occurrences of Teleport: Wormhole using one or more of its casts to not change position, as if the game doesn't register that your cursor is pointing to a new location on the map. There are also times when using Wormhole that you will teleport back to your original location (Demon Hunters have this issue when tumbling multiple times, occasionally.). To add to the list, there are also instances of Teleport getting stuck on corners where I have clear line of sight to my target (A big culprit is Act 3 Tower levels and any lengthy staircase, also found in Act 3 Tower levels.).

I understand Teleport not being able to jump through walls and the like to keep things balanced, but there are so many issues plaguing this ability that it makes my head hurt when I realized that I'm forced to use it as a defensive and movement spell despite these issues.
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90% of the 2 handed weapons across all classes continue being sub par to 1h-offhand combos..

are you planning to buff 2 handers? in which way?
Would you entertain an option to customize what loot we care to see through loot ground displays? Not saying don't have the other loot drop, unless that's easier, but having a custom loot display that doesn't show certain quality/slot tiles unless you press a certain keybind to "show all"?

I don't want to sound like an elitist jerk, but I haven't wanted to pick up a grey / white / blue item, square gem, tome of secrets, health potion, etc. since pre-60. Even most rares I don't bother with because they're invariably just vendor junk that's going to clog my inventory.

Due to the disparity in drop rates across tiers of gear, killing some champion packs or large piles of trash can result in a couple dozen item drops to sift through and nothing worth picking up. It's not just a matter of time/hassle - it can become demoralizing to see 100s of drops before there's one you actually cared to see. I'd rather see nothing until it's relevant.
Monk cyclones from sweeping wind are like pets. You cannot stop where they go nor stop them from attacking. Would they not qualify as pets like a witchdoctor so that they do not return reflected damage?
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Random events and random dungeons can really add to the gameplay. In its current form, random events and dungeons are lackluster. Are there any plans to improve random events/dungeons?

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