"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7

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Did you guys planning to implement lock on items which character wear? Many people lost their stuff after incidentally selling it to marchant
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Q: Any plans to make crafting with white/blue items possible?
Is there a concern that the increased XP bonuses in monster power levels will downplay the importance of the Hellfire ring/Infernal Machine questline? If so, is there a plan to compensate for this? I got lucky and rolled a pretty decent ring very early on, but I'm wondering if players who didn't get good rings yet will be discouraged from doing the Infernal Machine questline, since the Monster Power levels are getting such a great XP bonus.
Will there be any true lighting AP dump other then lightning Hydra for a true lightning wizard build utilizing the Paralysis passive?

Problem with Hydra is you cast it once every time its duration is up and have no benefit/reward for casting it multiple times because it doesn't stack.

I was thinking a build such as this but with a lightning damage AP dump in the right click slot:

Along those lines, Barbs get a passive that gives them bonus damage on capping their fury. That could be another way/benefit of rolling with a low AP costs build is to have a passive affect when AP caps. Granted, it would need to be tweaked/differed from the Barb since Fury has to be generated and isn't passively regenerated
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Why bind on account items?

They ruin the economy, kill the fun of trading, and of course they are the only actual craftables that are sadly worth crafting, which further devalues the current useless crafting system.
Have the devs considered a change to monk spirit generation? All other classes have skills that amplify resource generation such as battle rage into the fray or passive resource regeneration.

Would spirit regeneration on dodge be a clever solution or some reward for dodge such as temporary damage mitigation or life regeneration or damage bonus?
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Why do broken and white gear drop in the game?
Is 1.0.7 showing future dev intent to revitalize crafting and make it worthwhile? I.e. is it a hint at possible more expensive boa items?
Why don't you reduce the spirit cost of some monk spells instead of buffing the damage?
Not that I don't like some mighty attacks but it sucks to use it once in a while. I rather want to spam my spells and go on a rampage. I somehow miss the feeling I got with my D2 assasine while I was spaming my traps all over the place.
In light of Diablo being a trading game, are there any plans to un-BOA the items which are currently scheduled to be BOA?
what mechanics are goin to be introduced in pvp for the next patch?Would like to know how far u guys are goin in the new patch.
Can the devs shed light into how BoA works as a great gold sink and therefore is good for the economy?
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Another PVP Counter Proposal
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I believe D3 community would like a kill counter that resets if you leave the PVP arena. Will you guys be able to include that in Patch 1.07?

That feature alone will add tremendous value to PVP. I understand that PVP is meant for casual gameplay but having a counter as well as a tiny xp incentive will greatly enhance the experience. Counter resets will solve it issue of players camping the portal.

Thanks for your considerations and for the community for thumbs-uping this request.
Are you planing to bring drop spots back just like for the new recipes?
It's anoying to run arround in the dark and to hope to find the item you would like. IMO it would be better if we could farm on a known spot. It still can drop anywhere but some bosses/areas have a higher chance (e.g. butcher drops more likely the Buthers Sickle)
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Is there any chance to get two more tabs in stash in 1.0.7 ?
Can their be an alternative way to upgrade gems or craft items that is cheaper when it comes to gold but more resource intensive?
Just what kind of potential features got cut from 1.0.7? Aside from further pvp options? And why did it get cut? This should show how much time/effort goes into each patch.
Will we be seeing new elite affixes in the future or perhaps more challenging unique enemies that have more affixes then a regular elite pack?

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