"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7

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The lack of viable Spirit Generators is a concern among much of the monk community. Since patch 1.07 seems to just be tweaking the damage % of some of the current skills, can we expect a future patch to address these concerns?

On that note, our final concern as a monk community, is how we would counter-balance the removal of the Sweeping Wind snapshot mechanic in 1.0.7. Perhaps the proc rate of Way of the Hundred Fists could be adjusted so that it is on par with the other spirit generators when it comes to SW Cyclone-generation. Last but not least, with the arrival of pvp and the dueling system in this patch, we have noticed that the damage return of Mantra of Retribution is still almost non-existent in pvp.

Will you plan to increase the proc coefficient of Way of the Hundred Fists, and/or fix the mitigated damage of Mantra of Retribution?

Thank you for your time

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