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Crafting Account Bound Item Changes

People believe that crafting account-bound items is not efficient and reasonable in Patch 1.0.7, because statistically it is really hard to get a good item even you let us choose the main stat at the beginning, Are you planning to do something for crafting price, low affix levels, etc to improve account-bound crafting considering we will not able sell them back to anyone?
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Any word on a solution for the new duping method people have been exploiting. Are the auction house time outs and lag a result of this? Please do not count this toward the voted questions because I think many would agree that this is a question that should have been anwered without having to be asked. I do not expect an answer for the final line up of questions however it would be nice if a blue could make a statement regarding this issue we all have on our minds.
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Why does the Marquise have such a huge 5 million cost to remove? Most people need to take out their gem to compare weapons from the AH, for example, so that’s a pretty stiff penalty for just seeing if you can buy a better weapon or not don’t you think? On the same token, if you wear them, you have over $1,000,000 repair costs and to craft them alone will cost close to $70-$80 million, and all of this for a 10% increase in your crit damage (if we’re using the emerald in a weapon as an example)? Maybe it’s still in development and you’re tweaking these issues or maybe not? If you boosted it to 25% crit damage, as the marquise emerald example, THEN there may be some warrant to all these costs... maybe. I would be very interested in the mind set and why anyone would purchase these with these confining restrictions.
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Diablo 3 giving players access to an in-game Auction House has caused many people to overgear via that method. In Patch 1.0.7, you're raising the XP reward for MP levels in Inferno, as well as adding new purchasable crafting recipes and allegedly raising drop rates for blacksmith and jeweler recipes by a whopping 400%.

To me, this seems like a healthy move, as it will make it easier for players to gear without the Auction House.

My question is...will the 400% increase of blacksmith and jeweler recipes and plans also include a buff on legendary and set plans as well? Taking a look through the list, I would strongly consider starting a new character designed around wearing some of those craftable set and legendary items if the plans made themselves more available.

Supplemental question...if those plans are being increased as well, will there be better locations/difficulties/MPs to find them, or will they drop anywhere and everywhere?

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The change to the vote-kick mechanism is welcome by Hardcore players since it will reduce "unfair" deaths. Do you also plan to change the disconnection mechanism in general to make Hardcore more attractive?
Suggestions for D3 in the future.

1. Race change
2. Name change
3. Survival mode For example each level gets more monster power, a boss every X level and a goblin spawn for fun.
Just different than farming act 3 all day long.
4. Only lv 60 gear drops in inferno.
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With the addition of the new crafting materials and recipes, and the fact that they are boa i think will help with the item progression without feeling the need to use the AH.
I'm wondering if you have more planned when it comes to item progression/customization whether be via adding new crafting recipes, being able to add sockets or affixes etc.
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The improvements to Exploding Palm are nice, but the way reflect damage works means it often kills the player even when they have sufficient life steal. Reflect Damage does the damage first, checks if you're dead, and then heals you from the life steal if you survive. Can this be changed so it just does the "net" damage/healing?
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Archon: (Grouping issue)

Is there any plan to update the duration of Archon based on group kills vs individual kills?

There was mention to this, but it hasn't been covered or mentioned in the current PTR setup.
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Are there any plans to fix/improve the Tal Rasha's set bonus?
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Dear Devs,

Prior to patch 1.05, both CMs acknowledged that there are design issues facing the monk class and stated that they would like to change skills rather than simply tweak numbers.

Much of the Monk community, after testing 1.0.7, still feels that these substantive changes are required to move away from the Thunderclap + Cyclone + Overawe "cookie-cutter" spec.

With that in mind, why did the development team choose to tweak numbers in 1.0.7 rather than changing skill mechanics or core functionality and are substantive changes still on the table? (looking at you Spirit Generators / Passives!)

Thank you very much for doing this Q&A!

-Druin, the happy monk
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Are there any plans at all to address itemization in 1.07?

This has been an ongoing problem for a very long time now, and I believe a good portion of the community would like to know if it is going to be addressed.

I realize itemization has not been discussed in the patch notes, but I suppose I hold some hope that some discussion might be brought into this.
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Build diversity with the Monk is an enormous problem at the moment. The new patch includes several buffs to spirit spenders that are underused, but nothing that has to do with the spirit generators. Do you have plans to address the fact that Fists of Thunder - Thunderclap is the best spirit generator by far in almost every category, as this has hamstrung diversity in the most fundamental part of any build?
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While a lot of emphasis went into balancing the Wizard this patch, it seems like it wasn't enough. In particular, the Wizard seems to suffer from a lot of problems the Monk suffered from - resource spending abilities (particularly Secondaries) are very weak compared to free signature spells or utility/force abilities. Any hopes to buff those abilities to be worth the resource cost?
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Movement Speed Cap

Are you planning to remove movement speed cap in Patch 1.0.7 or the future?
Will Hex be fixed so that it displays damage numbers properly? This has been outstanding for a couple of patches now

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