"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7

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Are you guys planning on adding a Socket Quest in the 1.0.7 patch?
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An answer to this question can only be seen as the opinion of the developer(s) that gave it and is not confirmation on any future change.

Imagine a world where the weapon property of the topaz gem was changed in patch 1.0.7. IMAGINE IT! Which of the following options makes the most sense (or is the least game-breaking) in the eyes of the developers?

  • Increased attack speed (%)
  • attack speed increased by X
  • resource regen per second increased
  • resource regen per hit
  • resource regen increased by X%
  • increased weapon damage %
Will you add just a simple scoreboard that will count kills for players in duel arena? Most people really want that, it adds to the fun factor and should be easy to implement (no goals / achievements - just a simple scoreboard that will show kill counter for each player in arena).
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What is the point of adding a Marquise Topaz to a weapon (Melee attackers take 2200 per hit)?
What happened to the proposed buff to Thorns?
BOA lock in - whyyyyyy?
why did you decide to include such an outdated, carebear mmo mechanic
in whats supposed to be rng+luck+fulltrade game like diablo?
is it entitled players who want to have everything bis?
when everyone's full of maxed bis, no one's exceptional,
everyone is just a generic carboncopy of each other like in mmos.

no one forces players to buy stuff from ah, anyone is free to play self-found
anytime they want.
instead of making everyone satisfied you end up with
both pro and against groups unhappy
On my witch doctor, I switched from Zombie Bears to Well of Souls for my main attack since I was tired of chasing down occultists, spearmen and shamans, so I'm excited to hear about about the upcoming fix for that rune (i.e. smarter secondary missiles.) That said, would it also be possible to have the secondary missiles ignore breakable objects? At least when there are enemies around that they could be going after instead? I suppose the same goes for Manitou and Hungry Bats as well.
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I saw in the patch notes that there aren't any interface improvements for the auction house. Currently it's very difficult to search for legendary and set items that have bonuses not normally found on that type of item, to the point that it's difficult to even accurately price a Stone of Jordan. Are there plans to continue improving this feature that didn't get a mention in the patch notes, or that are happening in a future patch after 1.0.7?
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The price of the marquis gems is extremely high. The price doesn't seem to consider players that don't have money for a variety of reasons: they play hardcore, they don't use the AH, etc.

Will the price of the Marquis gems be adjusted, or are they where you want them?
when is 1.0.7 going to be released?
I would like to know if when killing the specific boss's that have the 50% drop on the new crafting recipies if the drops rates are equal --- or are some weighted.
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with the new exp bonus from higher monster power in 107, have the team considered scaling up the exp bonus from hellfire accordingly?

Right now hellfire's 35% exp bonus is great, quite worth the time and trouble to get it from Ubers.

But when the new mp exp bonus system, the current 35% is easily outshined by increasing 1 or 2 monster power levels and use a better rare ring rather than sticking with hellfire.
Will friends already in a party be able to follow the party leader to a public Monster Power game? Example: We are all in a Monster Power 4 party but at the main menu screen. The party leader searches for an Act II Monster Power 4 game. Does the matchmaking system break up the party and send only him to MP4 public game, or does it try to bring the rest of the party with the leader?

If the answer is no, the leader could try to invite his pary members, but there might not be room for them.
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As of right now, thre is a glut of gemstones in the game, because there is no place for them to go.

The new recipie will have a short-term effect on it; people will be combining to get the new uber-gem, so the immediate gemcount in the game will decrease. However, it is just that; short-term, as there is still a hard-cap of where gems can go.

Are there any plans to implement an actual sink for gemstones into the game, so that they don't end up returning to a hyper-devalued state like they are now? A "Horadric-cube" like recipie, consumption for a temporary buff, or similar?
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Since Nephalem Valor stacks will now persist through Acts, will you consider to allow players to teleport to any act using waypoint system just like in Diablo 2?
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Right now the Wizard Set Bonus of the Tal Rasha Legendary series is extremely poor. Will you please reevaluate the set bonus and come up with something more along the lines of the zunimassa's bonus or even natalya's set bonus.
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With the introduction of BoA craftable gear in 1.0.7 you’ve made it possible to craft rare quality items with some preset affixes. Are you considering adding a system which would grant players finer control over affixes on crafted gear (perhaps by introducing new crafting materials)?
Will “Self Sufficient”, “Massive Blow” achievements now work as well as jeweler's last conversation (Victory Act IV) be available for achievement “Everybody Loves Shen”?
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I see a need for the AH to have item comparison numbers instead of having to link and go in game to see the difference it would make to a characters stats. Will this be something you consider for the patch?
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Are there any plans to further improve gear rolls in 1.0.7? A prime example is class specific items rolling stats not even usable.....ex: a mighty belt rolling Int, a wizard offhand rolling dext, etc....
In this patch, there were skill changes to improve the Wizard and the Monk. Why not nerf certain Barbarian skills, since it is the class that really stands out in terms of power among the five?

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