"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7

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What do you each dislike most/are itching to change about the game in it's current state?
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Will you be adding anything to the weapons that will make them more relevant other than dps? As it is, you can find a weapon that has great stats, but if the dps is low, then the weapon is trash and is to be sold or salvaged. Will you be adding anything in this patch or in patches to come?
Hello Blizzard Devs, I was just wondering if there are any plans to incorporate a trade system applicable to dueling, similar to Borderlands 2?
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In 1.07, you made big changes to the monk and the wizard (although, some would argue that the changes do not go far enough). With all the other classes, you made little to no change. In Wyatt's 1.07 preview blog, he explained this decision by saying "constantly changing class skills can do more harm than good". Please explain this rationale. There are many skills and runed skills that are completely useless. I do not see how making tweaks or buffs to them can cause more harm than good as it means more viable builds that can be enjoyed sooner rather than later.
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Do you plan to redesign and improve those legendaries that are considered useless (aka "brimstone on the drop"), in this patch, or in the future, for more diversity? [ http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7415515028 for reference]
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Why monk's and wizard's passives, weren't adressed/redesigned, and instead we got skill buffs for both classes?
I want to ask a lot and I'm from South East Asia. I love Diablo 3 and how it was made but there is a lot of question about it's PvP form? I'm experienced in several ARPG games but I'll shortlist them as PoE , DS , TL.

I prefer the PvP system to have the followings:

Hope you do consider at least several modes and have a very good server to accommodate our needs. That's of course counting into balance and skills since there are gamers with very uber EQs and some decent or even plain ones. Do make one that's really stating the true fact of PvP.

Thank you so much!
Will you make news arenas with a special tab for PvP Games?
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With regards to Rubies. While I appreciate the upgrade to Marquis level rubies, unfortunately this change only affects about 0.001% of the players who can actually afford the near 100 million gold total cost of creating a marquis Ruby.

Are there any plans to 'buff' the other tiers of Rubies so that they scale in line with the New Marquis Rubies? If not, what is the reasoning behind this?
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The patch notes make a vague mention of a fix to snapshotting. This was a nuanced problem with Monks, that had gear abuses as well as skill abuses, and several wildly different great ideas for fixes were suggested on the forums. Can we expect a detailed update about exactly how this has been fixed, so that we know how to make best use of Sweeping Wind post-patch?
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Are there plans to have multiplayer games add to your Magic Find and Gold Find to add an incentive to play with others?
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As a part of 1.0.7 changes, Arcane Orb got its damage buffed. In spite of this buff, wizards, who tested this change on the PTR, in general agree that it is still lackluster and bland. Have you considered adding some new more interesting mechanics to Arcane Orb such as a vortex-like/jailer-like effect, double explosion radius like WD’s Ghost Bomb or perhaps a resource-scaling mechanic akin to the critical hit chance bonus of Hammer of the Ancients?
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I was wondering if there was going to be any type of endless dungeon added in ? Maybe something that scales up (in regards to enemy toughness and reward types) the further you go and last.
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About class balance updates, specifically about the Demon Hunter, are you planning some tweaks to make dual wield viable? As it stands, to dual wield with a demon hunter brings only disadvantages, since the only benefit would be the 15% IAS, which is vastly compensated by the 20% IAS of the Dead Man's Legacy.

At the current state, to dual wield hinders our DPS AND survivability, making it impossible to use.
What is the future of dueling/PVP? Many of my friends bought the game, but after a few weeks quit because they became bored with farming. What will you do in the future and what should I be telling these friends about the game since I read the forum and they do not?
Are you planning to add any additional dmg reduction, increased cooldowns on "immortal" and cc skills only when players are in duel arena, when the patch will go live? Most players on PTR said that battles end up too quickly, will you further combat the "one shot, one kill" rule?
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The Wizard lacks balance. What used to be a nice system of Cold/Fire/Lightning from D2 ,where there were equal spells and passives for each element, is no longer present in D3.

D3 expanded by creating additional elements but left out the balance.

There are no Fire or Cold Signature spells yet there are two Lightning Signatures (out of 4). There is no Lightning Secondary. There is a severe lack of total Fire skills (Fire Shield etc). Overall the Wizard does not complete my fantasy of creating a Fire Wizard, or an Ice Wizard. The current system forces you to mix elements.

What is the Dev Team doing to create additional spells, balance old spells, and overall make the Wizard a more enjoyable class that reflects how the community felt with the Sorceress?
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Elemental vs physical weapon damage differences.

Are all elemental damage weapons (except cold because of its snare) originally designed (intended) by the developers to be inferior to physical (black) damage weapons damage-wise and why?

Background: This is currently by far the biggest gearing issue in the game for many players, as:
1. The known issue with +minimum and +maximum damage affix being calculated wrongly by the game results in even higher physical damage on weapons compared to elemental ones.
2. Physical damage on weapons including socketed Rubies benefits from the "+x% damage" affix and elemental damage does not.
3. The "adds x% to elemental damage" affix (magic property) is calculated based on physical (black) damage and ignores elemental damage, further increasing the damage gap between physical and elemental weapons

Note for voters - this is the current order of weapon damage calculation:
base weapon damage -> +minimum/+maximum damage on weapons including rubies -> "+x% damage" -> +min/max damage on jewelry and off hands -> "adds x% to elemental damage" -> "+elemental damage".
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My Question :

Class Changes - Monk Changes

How do u feel about this changes u make , and dont u think u coud make more changes than only double spirit spenders dmg ? Overall my question is about how you look at Monk Class.
Are you planning to increase survivability of Demon Hunters in Patch 1.0.7?

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