"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7

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Will you make a way to fastly load it's PvE to PvP skills ?
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Was it intentional to not buff the current rubies? If so, why is this? Why should we only have the choice between rubies and emeralds if we can afford the highest level?
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Are there plans to increase the player cap from 4 to say 6 or even 8? This really would go along well with adding Monster Power in public games.
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Jar of Souls seems to be the most popular Diablo III event. In patch 1.0.7, would you consider making the survival timer longer on higher Monster Power levels?

A longer timer would make the event more challenging and the reward would be greater because of the increased amount of skeletons and therefore an increased amount of drops.
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You've increased Blizzard's damage significantly and its proc coefficient slightly in 1.0.7. Many wizards feel that Blizzard is still not worth building around because its damage cannot stack. Have you thought about adding at least a rune which would allow this sort of behavior (maybe with only partial stacking and/or shorter duration)?
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Are there any plans to increase Magic Find/Gold Find scaling on higher monster power levels, to go along with the increased experience?

This is especially important for those of us who have reached Paragon 100.
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Legendary drop chance.

In 1.0.7, if a gear drop from a monster is rolled, what will be the base nominal chance (without magic find) of the drop to be legendary and are there different base nominal chances for different monsters?

Background/reasoning: It´s about time the players start getting a bit more in-depth data about the game, so that we understand what actually happens incase you changed the value in the future like "we doubled it" in a previous patch.

Note for voters - the game checks first if an item is legendary, then 6 affix rare, 5 affix rare etc. and knowing the answer to this question would allow us to make drop rate estimates and more accurate farming efficiency decisions.
With introducing BoA items, that will make crafting more exciting, will you consider making additional improvements to non BoA, tradeable items crafting (for example lowering crafting cost)?
Are there plans for an easier way for players to find dueling games?
Rend on hit and on crit procs.

Why does Rend regenerate health from Life on Hit only on the initial tick and never triggers the fury generating on crit effect of Into the Fray despite having a proc coefficient higher than 0.000?

Reasoning: Rend doesn´t triggger on crit effects. It procs on hit effects only on the initial tick. The Wizard skill Blizzard which is a damage over time skill similar to Rend is being fixed in 1.0.7, what about Rend (and other DoT skills)?

•Bug Fixes •Blizzard Critical Hits now correctly have a chance to proc Arcane Power on Crit
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Why you decided in patch 1.0.7 only increse dmg in few monk skill instead of large changes in passive skills, mantras and spirit generators ???
Since melee players in duels have melee dmg reduction by standard (inherited from PvE), yet almost every barb throws axes, and monks teleports to enemy player instantly, will you consider to boost somehow the ranged classes as well?
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Skill presets would be a useful thing especially with 1.07. Changing skills/runes for PVP/PVE can get pretty annoying...

Do you plan on addressing this issue with 1.07?
My question is about some skills regarding monk's repertoire.

Dashing strike was to be altered somehow, exploding palm essense burn, wave of light explosive light and pillar of the ancients still do the same damage as prepatch.

Are there any further plans for these skills/runes and if so, care to elaborate?
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In previous blog posts you've mentioned a desire to diversify which stats players pursue on equipment and the gems that they put into weapons. Changing the strength of a ruby's effect on weapons is a great idea to make it competitive and give equipment a different focus, but only the Marquise Ruby saw a change in the scale of damage it adds. Is there a reason for only promoting this build diversity in the absolute extreme of the endgame?
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Are there plans to let players switch between any waypoints in any act in a party and do custom runs?
I think the prices of the demonic essence items are just too high. I think they are too random to spent so much gold withougth guarentee to be a upgrade for ur gear. Are you considering to low the prices or adjust the affixes so they are worth to be crafted?

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