"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7

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Will you be creating any kind of community based events? This game could be more about its own community, but it fails to make that jump. When I play, I only play solo because there is no incentive for me to play in a party… Parties bring my abilities down and I prefer to play with my follower. Will you be doing anything to change this or to get people to play together?
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First of all, thank you for taking the time to participate in these Q&A sessions. Since the two main classes that I play are the monk and wizard, I am naturally pleased when there are buffs to these classes such as what you've done in this patch.

However, back during the 1.0.5 PTR, similar responses were posted by a community manager addressing both the monk and wizard communities:

"Skill synergy isn’t where we want it to be for "monks/wizards" at the moment, and we’re looking at ways to improve that for the future. The sort of changes we’d like to do are more involved than simple numbers-tuning, though, and they weren’t able to make it in with this patch. But we are absolutely working on them."

I put monks/wizards in quotations since the response was in separate topics for each respective class and not a singular reply. I also understand that performing this task isn't a quick and easy fix.

But since the changes made to both the monk and wizard in 1.0.7 are still simple numbers-tuning, would you be able to provide any more clarity as to how far you are along in making the needed underlying changes to each of these respective classes?
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Monk skills is way underpowered like Dashing Strike : cannot make good use unless there is a target, Guiding Light : only multi player capable of using and require other skills, actions should act like blinking because it way like DH vault or rush to target skill of barb, monk should be agile, quick, and !@#$ dont ya think ... Combination Strike require 2 spirit generators, Spirit generation system awful and not attractive to those spirit spender. Monk have the less passive and - 1 to guiding light to play... etc...

Whats is the plan for monk changes from 1.07 and beyond to make the class more competitive to another ?
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Why you change Ruby In patch 1.0.7 instead of Topaz weapon affix, no one use 1,8k dmg per hit in weapon, any plan to change that to ias ?( + to item attack speed) or something ?
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With the addition of Nephalem Valor stacks persisting through Acts

Do you Developers have plans to add some sort of act swapping in game?

It was great in diablo 2 to be able to create a game and kill the monster/boss we wanted to kill in any given act.
I find some act 3 area boring and i'd rather have my own killing route instead of being obligated to make a new game for a new act.
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What is the status of unique monsters? As of right now they are very easy to kill and feel very unrewarding other than ticking off a box for an achievement.
I think we were a bit confused, knowing how much time went into PVP, at the apparently rough state of balance and damage modifiers in dueling (including players not being counted as elite).

How much of the work that went into PVP was transferrable to Dueling?
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Have you guys ever thought about having skill damage be based off of attributes besides weapon damage?

Ex: Zombie dogs/Gargantuan damage scales based on strength.

This might fix the itemization quite a bit.
HC Champion Savage Rockworm not spawing!

The hardcore achievement We are the Champions has a champion Savage Rockworm required, known areas of the normal ones are located in Act 2; Sirocco Caverns 1. The champion Savage Rockworm can not be found in game, reports are that it has never ever appeared in game. I personally have never seen it, even though I have specifically tried to do so. My only conclusion is that it is bugged. Multiple people have posted about it.

Why hasn't this been addressed at all?
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Are there any plans to make 2h's more attractive?
Why didn't you fix at least the ruby min/max damage calculations for 1.0.7, especially with introducing the new ruby.

Current bugged weapons really benefit from your bug, as well as non-bugged weapons can now have bugged dps with the new ruby due to the way your min/max damage adding works.

There are many, many examples, tables and pictures of this bug happening.
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Are there any plans to change how crafting higher gems works? Would be really nice to be able to craft a perfect star in less than 10 minutes if you have all the mats and that is what you want to do.

Second part of the question: How long will it take to craft a marquise gem starting from flawless squares?
Are you going to implement some sort of basic matchmaking for duels? Right now it's a bit too difficult to find opponents using only chat channels.
Right now the only way to alter a character's build at a high level requires shopping around for a mostly new set of gear. I think this is one of the biggest hindrances to build diversity, particularly with the role expensive sets play in this. Have you considered including a small number of skill points (five or ten, still adjustable in town) in each skill category that a player can use to add weight to his or her skill runes without having to buy gear with yet another expensive affix?
Can you make some sort of build manager to easily switch to your PvP build when you want to duel?
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Are you planning to change legendary drop chances in Patch 1.0.7, and could you share the formula of legendary drop chance with MF?
Think in the future that there will be way to search for Public Games that are meant with only the intent of dueling like a matchmaking system etc

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