I like being a wiz because...

01/25/2013 10:03 AMPosted by TekkZero
I get to have Azula as my character Avatar (Azula's Voice = Grey DeLisle = Female wizard's Voice).

I thought she had a cruel streak! Now I know! That explains why I keep feeling like she should add, "...you pathetic fool!" right after "I'm just getting started!". Srsly.
I like how my female wiz look <3
I like playing a Wizard because YOUR DEFENSES MEAN NOTHING!
I love my Wizard because it makes me appreciate just how amazing Monk is in comparison. :P
I loved my wizard because I didn't realize force armor was nerfed until belial 1shotted me a few times earlier this evening.

I loved my wizard because there was an illusion of build diversity where using low damage skills was ok because you could take more than 0 hits before dying.
01/25/2013 12:33 PMPosted by Frostspark
I like playing a Wizard because YOUR DEFENSES MEAN NOTHING!

I first read this as a threat to the enemy but quickly realized it's also a mockery of force armor. Almost every DOT/WW type skill would have destroyed wizard defenses before the nerfs.
I like locking down my opponents.
I started the game a few months after my friends and by that time, they had rolled barbs and DHs and monks. So it was a toss up between Wiz and WD and I just choose Wiz (you know, illusions of Gandalf yelling You Shall Not Pass!).

By the time I had painfully levelled enough to allow me to wear level 60 gear lol, I was too tired to roll anything else. But hey no regrets! The class is challenging, the forum is excellent and I get invited for ubers all the time.
i like being a wiz because i get blamed for still standing against mobs while other players die mysteriously.
i think the wiz is hot, a very fun character to play with lots of eye candy spells making her a very impressive and fun character to play no matter what build you use.

I find the monk similarly fun to play. Try out a femal monk with no pants or boots (vanishing) but a lvl63 chest, it's like a fancy dress evening ball, very classy lol.

but male testosterone brainwashing aside, wizard is just heaps of fun to play, so many cool skills to use.
because i only play class like mage wizard elementalist....
Wizards have the best looking spells hands down. When you cast something like Meteor Shower and blanket the entire screen and other players are like "OMFG WTF was that??" or when you send the Meteor spam with Molten Impact, and spam 10 meteors in succession, and the entire screen continuously shakes, no other character has got anything remotely close to a spell like that.

You have Archon, the floating battle tank of doom, with phenomenal ranged and melee damage, where other players are still trying to target the enemy and you are melting everything in sight before they either get a shot off or if anything dares gets too close, you are rocking the entire screen yet again.

You also have your CM/WW builds where you are this bright sparkily light of destruction, with not 1 attack, not 2 attacks, not 3 attacks, but 4 attacks going off simultaneously, as well as protecting AND buffing you all your team mates, who are grateful that you are there to protect them.

And finally you get to say, "You never saw that coming, did you" with the satisfaction of knowing they really did not see the can of whoop !@# you just unleashed. ;)

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