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Hi All,

I'll explain why it needs a fix. I am using it with my CM build, but during my runs I find it an annoyance to have to reset this so call "armor". It is outragous that I am already spamming 5 keys (teleport,freeze,twister,diamond shard, and explosion) but to add the fact that this skill does not extend unless I give up one of my passive (for the Illusionist) just to double. My suggestion is simply have this skill reset after an elite kill, or at least take a 1 minute extended time (sorta like the Archon with kills). Its already bad enough you take 20% of our Arcane (resource), but to take another action for us, the wizards.


P.S. On 1.07, pls fix wormhole auto telely, and make the friendlist 400, not limited 100.

Lap Chi
Hi Downfall,

The archon is a special skill, it uses no arcane power. You need to rebuff this skill because everyone will just go archon if it has no rebuff. The armor on the other hand is a defensive skill, it needs to protect me when I fight and it is not functioning properly with this measly 2 min frame. How would you like it if Archon has a reflective damage that takes some of your life during battle, huh?


Lap Chi
Dude, I've played CM/WW and it is not at all that difficult to sneak in a refresh of your armor once every minute or so, even in the thick of combat.

There are literally dozens of other Wizard skills/runes that need a boost before any variation of Energy Armor.
lol cm wizard asking for a buff
gawd, just quit. if having to refresh your armor every 2 mins is a burden you seriously need to give it up.
I'll agree with op... its not that its hard or a burden, its just annoying. It's easy as anything to keep it up and recast it constantly... so if i can keep it up all the time with minimal effort, why force me to recast it all the time???
lol this is rediculous, its so easy to just press the key between mobs. Thats what you do with buffs, you recast them when they go out. I have buffs that last WAY less than that, and I have no trouble casting them. I'm sure many people agree with me.
It's only annoying for Archon Wizard. At least they got a natural resistance to make up for it.
They should add an archon skill called "break".It's annoying that sometimes you have to wait

until the archon wears off to rebuff.
you right click the archon armor buff to cancel it.
You guys can't be serious about this. 1 !@#$ing key.

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