if you can't perma, you suck; expectations...

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thanks for the input guys.
SK/Magda are the only 2 you can't perma freeze.

SK because he goes immune, nothing whatsoever you can do about that, and to complete the quest, you have to let Magda bubble on 3 separate occasions, which won't happen if you don't let her going with your freeze. Also, nobody I know of, can stand in the middle of an Arcane Laser, so you can be forced to move, which makes it far harder to maintain a lock.

If you can't perma freeze the ghom fight, then yes, you do suck. They do jerk about a little, but they never get a real shot or swing off, and if you are doing it really well, Mr Farty Fart won't stink up the place and the room will be completely clear for the majority of the fight.

For Kuel/SB it mostly about your positioning, where you put Kuel between you and SB, so you can still crit off SB and keep Kuel locked down. Trying to crit off Kuel alone is difficult without really high CC/IAS, but if SB is close, but blocked from touching you by Kuel, then you get the crits and you don't get touched by SB and will keep Kuel locked easily.

Any non-wizards who don't know the above are idiots and probably shouldn't be playing MP10 in the first place.
Yeah, I wanna second what Amos and few other intimated. It's a highly exagerrated role of permafreeze and the Madgha/Leoric fight is the one that your general CM/WW wizard is incapable of completely locking down. So if your group-mates couldn't handle the fight, then it's their own damn fault. Ideally, you're playing with players that can actually handle the fight on their own and don't actually swoon from the first sign of a paper-cut. :lol
I thought you were pretty damn good. Screw what the other people say!
Yeap pichapiegal.. Ignore those guys ... We do what we need to do in ubers and if ppl don't appreciate it ... ignore them and you don't have to feel bad :P

Keep freezing :P
01/25/2013 05:52 PMPosted by pichapiegal
it saddens me that players nowadays have become arrogant to the point that it's rage quit or making up excuses when they die or just have to blame it on a wizard.

You must have never played a priest in WOW.
01/25/2013 06:32 PMPosted by Coxis
Not only are expectations high from CM wizards, but non-freeze wizards aren't even wanted in Uber groups, which is sad. :(

Exactly. I switched to CM/WW becouse of this sht.

But I like CM/WW so np. But yea, that's it.

Btw 3.01 as, 55.5% cc, cannot permafreeze couse of 200ms ping. But sometimes I lock Maghda+King for like 1/2 of fight, so I gues that's good enought.

With 3.01 as and 55.5% cc, do you think that with say 50ms I could do better, and that 200ms latency it's really the reason why I cannot freeze better?
01/26/2013 06:37 AMPosted by Ossian
You must have never played a priest in WOW.

never played wow at all; only sc/wc/diablo for me with blizzard; oh also lost vikings @_@
01/26/2013 06:54 AMPosted by RobertVarga
With 3.01 as and 55.5% cc, do you think that with say 50ms I could do better, and that 200ms latency it's really the reason why I cannot freeze better?

As long as you can get set up so at least a few of your twisters are hitting two targets, yes that would be enough to perm freeze using the 9 second frost nova.
Also, I'm not using macros, and I heard that with macros it's also huge advantage as it's for sure much faster hitting keys than my hand. Regardless how quick I try to smash my keyboard it can't do as good as macros.

What do you guys think? Btw thx Shand. I thought the same, but when I hear it from more guys u know it feels better.
Wow how ungrateful!
Don't worry piechapiegal, I think you just had an outlier experience. I ROUTINELY see <2.7 aps wizzes refer to themselves as 'perma' :) Btw, with 2.74 aps, you should be able to 'perma' freeze at average expectations, I'm fairly sure that 3.01+ cmwizzes are in the vast minority due to the dps-chasing mindset, speaking of which, I've got a semi-rant of my own, what's up with everybody and their mother looking for '200k dps permafreeze wizzes'? This combo literally does not exist outside of a very very few select ppl so how come I hear about this so much :P

Also, skel/magda are not possible to permafreeze as you pointed out :) Although I would say that at 3.01+ aps, about a quarter of the time they really never moved as long as both were alive once I got them stacked.
thanks for the uplift guys. i already made peace with that situation and is now looking forward to help a friend of mine go through his first uber run. he has never tried it before and such. should be fun
picha if u need help lemme know, i just grabbed an act 2 key so i even have a machine
don't worry about the machine. i have like.......tons and i don't even use them. i farm loots mostly and keys are pretty much secondary to tertiary to me
would like a run with fellow wiz sometime. Hit me up please if you wish to run together too. :)
You guys are lucky. You don't have to deal with the "you're paragon 96 why is your dps so low " comments or "you're paragon 96 why does your gear suck so much" comments. :-( I miss my old gears.

Picha if you have lots of machines I'm always game to do some ubers. I'm a 3.03 type wiz and please refrain from using aphs build. Last time he made my computer almost die from meteors :-(

Ill send you a friend request. Accept at you're own risk ^^
im at 3.03 and 50.05 crit chance and cant perma freeze at 200ms

-well ghom stage is pretty easy
-kulle-sb is a bit tricky. sometimes kulle casts slow time, or SB grabs me or a team member.
-SK is immune when he whirlwind's

i think all Ubers should be as hard as SK magda fight, im wondering why they didnt put Frozen Orbs in one of the uber's skill. For me its beter to put it on Ghom stage coz its the easiest stage as of now
01/29/2013 12:39 AMPosted by yems
-kulle-sb is a bit tricky. sometimes kulle casts slow time, or SB grabs me or a team member.

Kule SB is easy if you position correctly.

You have to be able to proc off SB whilst still aiming at Kule.

I can full lock that uber fight in mp10 if I get set correctly.

If I don't the fight suddenly gets much more difficult.
I would have left then high and dry. Dont have one second of time for douche bags in my life.

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