WTS Very nice Nat embrace AND Lacunis wiz/dex

Items and Crafting
Lacuni prowlers: (on AH 149mill bid 249mill BIN, 200 if I save on blizz tax ;)
51 Dex
66 Intell
76 AR
IAS 8%
12% move speed
4% CC

Nat. Embrace: (same price as lacunis)
91 Dex
182 Vital
76 AR
10 % life
strafe 7%

Also have some gloves: (On AH for bid of 5 mill and BIN for 29mill)
68 Dex
70 AR
IAS 8%
CD 26%
CC 7.5
Ignore durablility loss

******hit me up in game if u want to see link or to make an offer, prob wont check this thread more than once a day so yeah...

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