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Hello, im currently base here in Doha-Qatar but had the mistake in making my character in the America's Region. You might be asking, "Why did only did i made a complain". i may say that the game is playable at 325-380ms but at time spikes to 800-1600ms which too high to be playing with. I've seen videos where the ping meter i see is always green and experience it too while i was on vacation in my home country. TL;DR. i just want to know where the problem lies since by looking at the tracert, its when reaching the US shore that the latency shoots up.

So here are the details:

Country : Qatar, Doha
ISP : Qatar Telecom
Modem : Telecom provided - Thomsom TG 585 V8.
Speed : 2mbps, ADSL
Connection : Wired

Windows 7 Enterprise
Intel i3, 3.0 Ghz.
Firewall: MS essentials
Adapter : Realtek PCI Gbe Family controller

Tracert Data:


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