Check out my WD

Witch Doctor
Check out my wd and let me know what you think i should change or upgrade.. Like my weapon, chest piece, skills, etc..

get 4/5 zuni and a higher damage mojo
zuni ring or change the fire walkers?
you may be suprised how much more dmg u cang et if ya up ur mojos ( avg dmg ) err go with Uhkapian Serpent to get somw crit..err better yet a sick avgdmg w/crit zuni string of skulls than u can change oujt ur helm for a mempo. but ya get zuni boots , up ur avg dmg mojo ..that'll be simple upgrade
is the mempo better than the vision?
if you have the 4 piece zuni bonus without helm, mempo is an option. However, i think for a WD, the zuni helm is better as long as it has high int and high CC. The only mempo's I'd touch are with crit and they are very expensive...and some may argur that the IAS on the mempo is detrimental to a WD as it depletes your mana faster
but ya, i forgot to mention more about the mempo. ya its very very exp w/crit on it but that would be to max dps aswell danm near end game but untill ya can afford ya could always go low fire dmg andys , its fairly similiar.... inregards to ias . i find it quite nice to be on the higher side dispite what the consensus is on wd attk speed. like 1.9-2.10 ish .. thats my preference..... but brekfast ur wd is coming along nice ur lookin pretty good.. good luck

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