How do you survive?

Hello all, I recently made a monk (transitioned from DH because he's p100 and I'm bored) and I'm trying to make him pretty beastly. Right now, I have two lifesteal weapons equipped, 700res and around 4k armor. I still get owned by reflect damage elites if I hit them all at the same time.

My question is: If I can't survive with 2 lifesteal do people survive with only one? Is it the high dps? Is it more res/armor, etc?

I'm pretty noobish when it comes to the monk. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks all
Im currently lvling up my monk and its easy to see that you have next to nothing in vitality.
The easiest thing to do is to get a backup weapon that you can swap to for RD packs

Look for 700-800 DPS 600+ LoH, high crit dmg, and 2.6%+ LS. replace your offhand with that when you run into RD packs, the decrease in DPS makes the RD hurt less and with monks great APS the LoH really helps keep up your sustain.

I can tank MP10 RD packs swapping to the mainhand weapon im showing in my profile right now

I understand that, I dropped some vit in favor of AR/lightning res. And I'm more talking about damage mitigation vs. vitality. My question is more of a "how do monks gain their life back"/mitigation question. I understand I don't have much vitality...but a lot of monks don't have a lot of vit and can still survive. I've heard that as long as you have enough AR, your vit can be between 30-43k.

I understand my AR isn't that high either, this is more of a question if I can away with having 3% lifesteal or not. Because 6% lifesteal with high dps is pretty expensive.
@CRoTiD: Nice suggestion. Never even thought of swapping actually. I just thought of trying to find one weap that does it all. But I guess, your suggestion would be the most efficient option. Thanks
Your armor is really low. Your health is kinda low depending on what MP levels you are trying.
your armor is too low, stop using exalted soul and use STI. With dual LS you should have no problem. This will more than likely also result in you having to redo your current build.

Additionally even with your current build, why are you runed for Strike from Beyond? You should be runed for the 18% damage boost.

You only need AR around 600, and armor around 5000 with 45k hp approx the figures can adjust obviously, but thats a generic finger print to look for.
Reflect is bugged..and will be nerfed in next patch.

Your armor is too low...look into upgrading your gear for more armor and/or changing your skills to lower your damage and increase your armor (MoE/hard target), (StI), (Resolve)...
Switching to these will go a long way towards keeping you alive

I also noticed that you are using a lot of attack spirit advice would be to pick one and tune your build to max that attack. Use the other slots to help you survive (Serenity), (Blinding flash) , (Breath of Heaven).

These changes will make a world of difference
Drop that DS/TR and get serenity.
Blitz covered most of it, fix your build (Serenity should help a lot) and get more armor.
Most people try to kill RD elites before they run out of resources to keep them self's alive. Or just have crazy high EHP.

Remember.. soon RD elites are getting the nerf bat. I wouldn't worri to much about it until we all see the confirmation with the new patch when it hits live servers. ^_^
Thanks all for your quick replies. I actually got a 500ish dps fist w/700loh, crit, ls, and socket (put radiant amathyst in it)...and I have real trouble surviving anymore.

Except that nerfed my dps by 60k haha. But I'm still at meh. Thanks!
Just use the cookie cutter - FoT+TC and SW+Cyclone and choose one of Tempest Rush or Dashing Strike. Use Seize the Initiative for more armour.

I recommend TR if you have no issues with rubber-banding and use it often to move out of desecrator and molten. Think of it as the Monk's Vault.

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