my thought on Diablo 3. Like Microsoft Windows.

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I'd just like to express my thoughts on Diablo 3.

(please understand that English is not my first language and I might randomly talk here and there ^^)

I have been playing it since 7 days after its launch.

And if someone asked me that if I would buy it again, I said 'no'.

I would say I would wait until it gets mature. Probably one year or so.

I feel that all the time I spend on this game is kinda waste. It was fun sometime but I feel like most of time was like working. There wasn't absolutely no rewards in the beginning. I saw a lot of people leaving. now it's better (problem is I feel all the hours I spent was a waste)

I feel that this game is like Windows from Microsoft. I am sure Microsoft do all the things to make sure the product is good enough to release it but as we all know, (particualry from business point of view), we should wait and see whether it is stable or not.. it is really good like they say.

I am a developer myself. I mainly use C# to develop applications for internal users.. mainly to improve work efficiency. I am also a reporting system developer (MS SQL) and a report designer.

My nature of role involves a lot interactions with the end users listening to them and trying to meet their needs as much as possible.

But it is not possible to meet every thing of their needs or wants. After discussion with business leaders, we identify business criticals and priorities them.

So I do understand what Blizzard is going through. Compared to what I develop, developing diablo must be much much much more complex... huge efforts from many different people with different skills. Also those who deals with users... you guys have a very tough job.

But I think Blizzard is somehow stubborn (not sure if this is the right word) in a way.

I really don't understand is why they don't do this?

1. Upgrading Gems - why not a single button?
2. Identifying items - why do I have to click every single one? why it takes time?

I can't really understand why they think the way they designed is good for the game. A lot of users are screaming but you just don't do it. I find it extremely annoying. I just don't get it. Sometimes I think the person or the group who made this decision is/are mentally ill or something. If I were you, I would just do it. T

Another thing is
I really hate crafting. I think it is just a waste of my effort. but I have been collecting materials for crafting hoping someday Blizzard will fix it.. make it more attractive someday.. but after reading 1.07 users reviews, I am not sure about it. I hope you guys become more realistic.
(I feel that there are users out there who is actually doing crafting and maybe that's why you feel it is alright)

Well, there has been many many things complained about PVP so I wouldn't say anything here.

In regard to Class Balance, I am ok with the way things are happening. Comparing with Starcraft, there was a time where Terran was just the weakest race but there was a extremely talented player came up with brilliant ideas... and won a competition. A hero was born when the race was in a doom. It's not easy to balance classes but how weak classes are. I believe they will be someone who comes with a solution and get a recognition for it. I think that's one good part of this game and also something to talk about.

Back to my topic

Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo 3... they were great and because of experiences with these games, I tried Starcraft 2 (bought it but returned) and diablo 3.

Are they bad games? NO!. I like Starcraft2. Finally Blizzard settled down issues with Korean about Starftcaraft 2. now Time to time I watch Korean pro gamers play on Youtube. I am not a good at Starcraft 2 but I enjoy watching those so called pro gamers. really fun to watch them play.

What about Diablo 3? Yes. It is a good game. But did it meet the expectation? Half-Half.

Would I buy the next diablo? Unfortunately the answer is no. The experience I had with Diablo 3 ... all these waiting and blotters... dups.. Not sure if I want to buy it.

I think I will wait at least year and see if they are patched enough..

Would I stop playing Diablo 3? no, I still play. I have spent so many hours hunting for items.. and building the characters. I cant leave it yet.

Then what I am saying here???

All I wanted to say is that

but for any of next your product, I would have to give a second thought before buying it.

That's the lesson you gave me with Diablo 3.

To me, Blizzard was the best game developer. But now your image has changed a lot... at least to me.

Well, sorry for my English. After hours of playing, I feel like I wanted to say something.
1. Upgrading Gems - why not a single button? 2. Identifying items - why do I have to click every single one? why it takes time?

Gems I can deal with but id'ing items... this was just stupid to have to click each one.. But once again just another thing they ignored from D2 and then killed Cain to top it all off.

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