crazy high crit hits, can't figure out why

Witch Doctor
Take a look at my WD

My base damage is around 46k, crit hit chance around 32% and crit hit damage around 120%... this is nothing special. BUT When I am fighting a pack and my firebombs start bouncing (flash fire rune for bounce 6 times), they end up critting for 250k regularly and many crit for well over 2m.

I can't figure out why they are critting so high against packs. When I fight a single target, it doesn't happen.

Any ideas?
Its last breath.

"Rest in pieces" last line on your weapons description, gives a massive crit final blow and explodes them into bits.

Its great for Life steal weapons but yours is a LoH.
It's the "slain enemies restvin pieces " affix. It makes the killing blow do an insane crit. It's nothing huge since the enemy was dead anyways. I could see it being awesome if someone had one with life steal.
aaaah, I see. So then it would probably be a good idea to use a skill that does area damage so that final killing hit also does lots of damage to things around it...
Thanks for the info, I'm still relatively new to the WD.
Doesn't work that way. Aoe spells do not splash the killing blow damage, it is dealt only to the dying unit. Basically eye candy, unless you have lifesteal on it
To help explain what that all means.

Your weapon has life on hit. so life on hit returns a static amount of healing in your case 868 HP's.

Now WD LoH works differently then say a monk or barb in that a lot of our damage is not really per swing.

Our damage deals off procs. Our fastest Procing skills are Acid Rain and Rain of frogs. So for a life on hit weapon you would want one of those two for your beast healing.

Life steal on the other hand returns a % of the damage we deal. Only thing a WD can use with Life Steal is weapons. With your weapon "last breath" and also another weapon "Sever" if it has life steal, those crazy kill crits add up to massive healing.

Now while neither weapon is particularly powerful, they are extremely useful for lower geared players to help them farm with less issues because of the massive healing they do.
thanks, Jane and others.

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