The downside of TR'ing

so i decided to change back to my regular gear and farm some keys. my god, i am soooooo sloooooooow. and that's even with a lacuni's on. i couldn't bear to go with my regular bracers. sooo bloody sloooow.

one you get used to TR'ing, it frustrating to go back to normal speed, is the basic, central part of what i'm trying to say.
Hear hear. Fighting ubers is a nightmare
once you tr style you never go back
i can't TR forever. just for some lvls. no TR'ing in upper MP's, that's just ridiculous.
Yup, I always swap back once in awhile because I feel the need to do an MF run. But not being able to one shot mobs in mp6+ and the slow move speed makes it so boring, especially it takes 12mins to do a TR run and avg about 1 drop a run+100k gold.
If some day blizz give TR a no increase of spirit needed with more IAS we could scale our items to use TR in MP > 2

Until that...

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