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Why I don't play Hardcore:

I've been killed by those stupid, self-destructing dicks in the Keep THREE TIMES BEFORE I EVER SAW THEM.

They got me too, my dead monk

It's the closest I've got to having a DC type experience because there's really nothing I could do about it. They were completely out of sight and the only indication I got was that the monk was dead. The ingame msg then said ... killed be Fallen Maniac.

Other then the one time I have to go through Keeps 2 to complete the Inferno quest I now stay out of Keeps 2 & 3, so my A3 run changed a bit to exclude Keeps but add Rakkis.

I wish they'd get rid of the Fallen Maniacs altogether. Replace them with anything, stuff even more deadly, but let me at least see the damn things and give me a chance to engage in the fight.

From what I hear they will be making some adjustments to how the Fallen Maniacs attack, but that still doesn't address the issue when they are just plain out of sight.
I too enjoy the adrenaline rush I get from playing Hardcore.

Sadly, the only thing keeping me from playing it is a decent internet connection.
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I like the high levels of stress it gives me. If I'm not experiencing intense levels of anxiety, I might as well be knitting a scarf. Perhaps with alpaca yarn.

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