Price the WIZARD above you, AND...

reccomend their next upgrade!
may be 100 mil, most of your stuff can be significantly improved. Starting a tal rasha relentless pursuit with high All resist, your defense is low

your Wizard is pretty beautiful. I would recommend upgrading that gem in yo pants.
At draukrathi. 245 million. Ur ammy and pants are prolly the best items over 60m each I'm guessing. You need to upgrade Ur helm first to get more Apoc. Sc I cheap and will do just that. If you go mempo with crit that will cost as much as your whole char is already worth and you will then need to upgrade Ur chant force with apoc which ain't cheap either. GL

i run a nonblack archon ._.

i feel so alone in that department.

i switch back and forth between archon and cm/sns buuuuuuuut the one i have on now is archon.

@DS: 1.2b love your ammy. your vileward could use a little work. i haven't really looked into your profile well due to workplace not loading profiles properly at all :(


I think you can switch to rare pants with 150+ int 200+ vit 60+ AR 2 OS and armor. Pants are a slot where you should have tons of vit.

Whoever rates me, I don't need a weapon. I use my barb's when I play.

400 mil is my guess. Next upgrade would be the rings I think.

I'd guess 300-400 mil. I would upgrade your pants to depth diggers since yours have no AR or armor. As for dps upgrades, i suggest upgrading your trium to one with 8.5 cc and 225+ int or your tal ammy to one with cc.
Damn, I realized right after posting that my low mp archon set was on and tried to change to my cm/ww build before anyone checked me, but it seems I failed :(

Oh, and @Tad - 900mil to 1bil

I might upgrade your chest next to one with 2 out of 3 of armor/double vit/all resist
Hehe no worries. I also had to check if my cm build was showing instead of my archon farming build. I'd say you have 1.2 bil worth of cm gear. I would upgrade your zuni ring and boots to a nats set, though that would probably lower your paper dps.
@Tad: I'll guess 1.3B... you have some unique pieces.

DethAxe, 1b+. I'd probably upgrade your gloves to have attack speed instead of that cold res.
100-150mil? I would upgrade your weapon with something with a socket. Maybe butcher's sickle?
CrimsonScar, maybe get more crit damage on your gloves? I don't know prices so I couldnt guess
01/27/2013 11:16 PMPosted by TheInfamous7
CrimsonScar, maybe get more crit damage on your gloves? I don't know prices so I couldnt guess

01/27/2013 11:34 PMPosted by Magician
CrimsonScar, maybe get more crit damage on your gloves? I don't know prices so I couldnt guess


@magician 500mil?

maybe a better main hand
@kira I'd say around 500mil. That chantodo's source. It's killing that dps. Everything else looks pretty good.
@GwaveWobber I'd gander a guess around 240mil, not counting your Leorics. I'd obviously say that's what you need to replace, but I'm assuming you use that simply for leveling.

Your build suggests Archon, but your gear says CM. I'll assume you're primarily a CM wiz due to Chants set. With that in mind, you need more APOC and LoH. A Storm Crow could address both, while a new Chants Force could get you APOC, and you get LoH on an ammy or ring. Chances are you have other rings that help with that.
@Booby some of the item i isnt too sure abt the pricing but i guess would b close to 1 b as right now in the market some item r reaili pricey nt sure if they do get sold thou. overall nice set u had there i tink a good thing to start upgrading for u is the rare ring since lack of ar or u can try get a upgrade on ur nat i suppose. Any other sort of upgrade will nid to rearrange ur gear set

and anyone please rate me! i wan to know hw much i roughly worth too thank in advance!

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