Price the WIZARD above you, AND...

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anyone give me a guess on value of this? id love some feedback and bump please anyone I need to sell this
(I'm brand new to the game and would love any advice on the best ways to improve my gear)

Price of Gear, I'd say about 60-90 M

I'd change the amulet for a Trifector (IAS, CC, CHD )
I'd also switch to Ice Climbers to gain lots of EHP
Getting at least one Trifector ring wouldn't hurt also !
Finally maybe ahigher DMG source ( Trium or Chanto without APOC )
@Fes : around 400 - 500m

upgrade... yeah u've mentioned
Inspy 2 billion or more that great gear you have.
any one care to check out my worth? 0.0 thx
@GwaveWobber I'd gander a guess around 240mil, not counting your Leorics. I'd obviously say that's what you need to replace, but I'm assuming you use that simply for leveling.

Your build suggests Archon, but your gear says CM. I'll assume you're primarily a CM wiz due to Chants set. With that in mind, you need more APOC and LoH. A Storm Crow could address both, while a new Chants Force could get you APOC, and you get LoH on an ammy or ring. Chances are you have other rings that help with that.

@Booby, Yeah I have all that stuff. I have a kinda archon gear setup and a straight up CM/WW gear set up. I'm broke so I can't really go all out on both lol.

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