Whats the general MP dps rule?

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It depends on what your goal is. If you just want to have fun and not spend forever on elite mobs, then just try a few different MPs and do which one feels good to you.

If you're trying to get the most XP/hour, then MP0 or MP1 is going to be your best bet, regardless of your DPS (there may be rare exceptions for people with 400k+ DPS).

I have 300k DPS and on MP2 or higher I notice a drop in XP/hour. It's still easy as hell, just not as efficient.

But note that patch 1.07 may change things significantly. My makeshift spreadsheet tells me that I'll be spending most of my time on MP3 - 5.
01/27/2013 10:45 PMPosted by scud
To be honest in this current patch, unless you're doing uber runs or farming for keys, you should really be doing anything other than MP0 for maximum efficiency.

This is the correct approach. I'm over 250 k unbuffed dps have have just started to consider running MP1 over 0. Run MP0 and move from elite to elite as fast as you can. Don't waste time on quests or killing individual / small groups of white mobs. You should do Alkaizer runs until you're about Plvl 70, then you can add in some maps with high elite density i.e. tower of the cursed 1 + 2, cave of frost, keep lvl 3.

01/28/2013 08:19 AMPosted by BubbaGump
While I understand the topic/question at hand is "general MP dps rule" that is very subjective. It also depends on your gear and play-style.

Absolutely. The biggest problem I have as a DH is the need to sacrifice speed in higher MPs. Instead of multishot or strafe, you're forced to use skill that deal with mobs slower. On low Mps, you can use speed builds, run quickly from elite to elite, and improve your legendary drops per hour as a result.

Blues have posted over and over the Moster Power was not designed to have scaling rewards, so that "people won't feel forced to play higher Moster Powers." This means that the biggest barriers to your efficiency are the time it takes to kill elites, the time it takes to move between elite packs and your survivability. Farming any MP where you are not 1 shotting whites and melting elites in a few seconds results in the nerfing of your efficiency.
01/28/2013 09:37 AMPosted by hmk21
My "gut" feeling where people have replied about 110k dps for MP5 seems awefully LOW to me.

with 300k dps i farm mp4.

I think they are talking unbuffed dps.. U have passive archery and steady aim.
01/28/2013 08:19 AMPosted by BubbaGump
While I understand the topic/question at hand is "general MP dps rule" that is very subjective. It also depends on your gear and play-style.

This is the correct answer. My unbuffed DPS is only 190 but I can play and survive in MP10. I regularly play MP8 solo with the Scroundral at 260K (no SharpShooter) with 5300 Armor, 400 All Resists and 53K Life (without Perfectionist or the Boar).
Even at 200k unbuffed DPS with legacy I still prefer farming both exp and loot in MP0.

I did prefer key runs at MP5 though back when I farmed those, and I was able to solo mp10 ubers without shooting a single arrow and just using strafe, LOL.
01/27/2013 11:15 PMPosted by MrFox
which bring me to a question, have anyone found anything that is worth 100m or more on mp 0-1 . I have found some pretty nice ice climbers, tal rasha, innas on mp 8- 10 farming so I am not really sure how it works but I seem to have no luck on mp 0-1 .

For recent stuff in the past couple months, I've only found Str/Crit mempo and Trifecta+Str+AR+Pickup Gloves that are worth the 100m mark. I've found various other trifectas and legendary stuff that sold for decent amount like 50m+ as well.

I also get Key of Terror in like 1/3 - 1/4th of my MP0 runs when Blizzard claims it's 5% in MP0... So yea, I dunno how their loot system works (or isn't working).

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