What's with people obsessing over mitigation?

To the point where they don't have any pickup radius at all. All that time wasted walking around and all the gold wasted not picked up... we play to farm, not to show off dprog stats
Gold piles are nearly irrelevant in the grand scheme. Every affix is extremely important. To give one up for at best a marginal amount of extra gold per run is hardly economical. You will either spend insane amounts for a piece of gear that is otherwise well rolled with PuR due to WD competition, or you will gimp your character much more than one affix would otherwise entail.

The result being at best 150-200k more picked up an hour (or 3-4 minutes outta the hour saved if you happen to waste the time doing little circles for gold currently).

PTR has fixed much the issue as well. The 1.5y extra we have been given is substantially more than the number suggests. It's a fairly simple enterprise to divert slightly for all the 2-5k piles of gold now without wasting more than a minute or two out of the hour. I see no reason to give up 200 armour, 70 AR, or 100 intelligence.
well I think that's the mindset of rmah heros, because you simply couldn't farm enough to pay for such insane gear to begin with, so why bother.

When you see gold, you can't help try picking up the big pieces whether or not you have the radius, but you'll definitely save time if you have it, and much more if you pick up the smaller piles too. if 3-4 minutes is what it seems the difference then why bother upgrading 3-5% dps if it costs more than a fortune.

I bought my vile ward specificially for farming, 200 int, 59 physical resists, 7 yard radius pickup. It was pricey at the time, but since I got it, i've picked up about 100m in gold. Extra gold and time saved is totally worth it. It's good for reflect too
Going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I admit I have well over a thousand hours playing AH3, and not even 600 playing D3 so my opinion is likely extremely skewed.
Well to be honest, i did not have you in mind when i wrote this post. hell you're the "model" cm that we compare to. so you're an exception for me =)
I found a pretty nice WH with PUR. Lets just say I would have had to walk by a lot of gold piles to make up for the gold I got selling it.
No pickup radius, no AH Farming, no problem.
3-4 minutes per hour saved is 5-7% increase in efficiency. That's quite significant. Plus it's FUN to simply be in the general vicinity of a gold pile and vacuum it up. I do lose some stats on my VW to get PUR, but it is so totally worth it, especially for Archon.
Oh and btw I have the 100m gold pickup achievement, but I have had 2x drops worth 100m ea, 3x75m and 4x50m.

Just saying, if your plan is to max Pickup radius over say, magic find or killing speed, you're gonna have a bad time.
Agreed. Gold pickup is kind of overrated. I maybe would buy something with it for low-level farming, but IMO pickup radius is never efficient at high mp levels. When good item drops are worth 5+million that are relevant in the game, it quickily becomes apparent that it's unnecessary to pickup all the gold. :(
bt pants with pick up

nuff said
I run 14 yards for MP0 farming, but I drop it for higher level CM/WW key farming.
Never really found pickup radius to be as necessary as mitigation, as stated many people seem to feel it is more productive to make gold off their drops and or AH flipping, and for people like me yes walking over in game gold seems irrelevant, not because of RMAH but because I simply know their are more efficient ways to turn a profit. Not to mention the new +1.5y in 1.0.7. is absolutely perfect for my playstyle, so I for one will continue to ignore PUR on gear :)
I got a an achievement recently for picking up 100m gold. Chump change in 1000 hrs compared to items i've picked up (about 2.7b). Thats why. I'm not even a flipper like the real effceint guys just farming.

If PUR compromises farm speed by even 5% you are losing money according to my calculations.

I used to be anal and picking up gold, ask shand when i paid 10m for his 7 PUR rare shoulders back in the day and non PUR ones with same stats were 1m. But I got over it once I thought about it.

Another issue is CM and/or melee combat wizzy picking up globes when he does not need them then they are gone when you do need them. This is less of an issue now game is nerfed for all the cry babies but i used globes extensively b4 1.0.5 was nerfed and still do with no freeze builds.

Bottom line: not as effceint as one might think and hurts melee survival.
01/26/2013 08:26 AMPosted by Shaggy
Oh and btw I have the 100m gold pickup achievement

Just got this while playing my DH!
dont be a fool
go to school
mitigation is cool
1 death = a lot of time wasted
i did pickup radius instead of armor or str/vit on my ice climber. Just have to shudder to pickup globes in battle. Its for the globes not the gold imho.
I haven't even picked up 100m gold total in all my playing time and I used to obsess over it. For the longest time I picked up almost every gold that dropped. When I took a look at my profile and saw the total amount I had picked up it was a tiny tiny drop in the bucket compared to all the things I've sold on the AH, it doesn't even compare.

So yea... Going out of your way for PuR is dumb. Sure its nice to have, but no one should be sacrificing other stats for it.
01/26/2013 02:23 PMPosted by RulerEric
i did pickup radius instead of armor or str/vit on my ice climber. Just have to shudder to pickup globes in battle. Its for the globes not the gold imho.

This is the only reason I'd consider having any PUR on gear. Even then I prefer not to as it takes up a random modifier that could have been a defensive/offensive stat.

The problem with gold piles is they are too small in today's Economy. I would say increase the amount of gold but this would just make it even worse as the Bots farm more. To the everyday Joe you are not going to get rich off picking up gold.

Gold rewards need a massive buff in some way that bots cannot replicate. Eg: Resplendant chests, Unique Monster kills(The random ones only), Dungeon events(Full 100% clears), Speed runs(Point A to B), Random quests: Kill all Elites in specific "Area" in "time", Collect 10 peices of a specific white armor/weapon.

Think of dailys in World of Warcraft, some type of quest that is imposssible to bot. It can be done. Obviously it would need to be monitored. Remove all gold% pickup or have it work on rewards only.

Wow I could go on dribbling crap forever. But I have so many ideas, some great some not so..., that would be great if implemented in game.

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