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Assume you have 500m gold and my current gear. What do you do? Do you sell the manti, buy a calamity and work towards a IAS stun build? Do you grab a double socket manti and shoot for huge DPS numbers?

I would just like to get some ideas from fellow DHs about what gear/build they would come up with to see what's out there.
Hey brother, I was also wondering the same thing about my current setup. From what I've read and what I can tell (I'm VERY new to DH though) it looks like your setup is more on the tanky side. Our setups are very similar. You have mad dex but, I think you would see a HUGE increase in dps if u could pull like 15% more crit and 2 socket manticore. I was checking out this guy's setup and u can see what the 9% crit does in dmg. I'm thinking about replicating his gear and trying to go glass cannon.


I think with 500Mil and our current setups we could easily find the 250k dps mark. Atleast I hope lol.
As far as I can tell we go for mad dps and learn to micro very well. If 500mil can't get it for you, you have the vit to sacrifice. I think i have alil AR I can sacrifice and maybe a little hp. Atleast thats my thinking on my build. I hope someone thats more accustomed to running in high MPs comments. I hope this was atleast a little help. Best of luck to you fellow DH. If you findout any good info please let me know, I'll do the same. CHEERS!
your weapon right now is not your bottle neck right now with regards to your DPS numbers. You have low CC overall and low CHD. It looks as though you've stacked dexterity at the cost of all other DPS increasing factors. With your CURRENT gear, if you're really determined to just buy a very nice weapon, I'd recommend you go with a Calamity with an open socket rather than the Manticore.

In the end, however, it's really about how you want to play and what you enjoy. Some people really just love to see their Spike Traps explode for a million+. *shrug*

I personally really love my calamity face tanking build and runs. I feel invincible...
@ Kyng - I definitely don't want to be a glass cannon. I'll also be sure to share good info I find.

@Oscar - I don't even want to replace my weapon. However, I'm thinking: What is an awesome play style/build for higher MPs, what is the required gear, and what will it look like with 500m to spend + my current setup?

You're spot on about me stacking dex and neglecting CC, CHD, IAS. I bought a lot of gear just based on Dex/Vit because that was pretty much all I knew at the time.

Couple things (looking at your gear).

You could most likely sell both your Mempo and your VW for quite a bit more than you can re-buy them. both the mempo and VW have nice Reduced level Requirement and those leveling up classes on their own will certainly benefit and pay a good deal for what those 2 pieces offer. Often times you can get 2-10x its normal worth with good lvl reduction. Yourse have -12 and -13 lvl requirements and that is pretty nice. Just something to consider to gain more gold and then just rebuy the same items without the lvl requirement. However if in the future you want to level up another DH or monk you may want to not sell them and hold onto them. Not sure of your plans with those but just wanted to throw that out there.

As an example I had a quiver that would be worth about 3m ... and sold it for 20m as it had a reduced lvl requirement of -14 or -16 (can't remember exactly now). So keep that in mind.

I'd certainly be swapping out that oculus ring It is only a dex based ring. Now I do understand you have AR on that ring and that may be the reason you are wearing it to keep the AR up. However You would be better off, IMO with a ring with CC on it. My feeling is all jewelry needs to have CC on it unless it is a real specialty ring such as the NAT ring or other set ring. But in reality it is best if all jewelry has at least 2 of: ASI/CC/CD/AVGDMG. Then you can decide between CD, AVGDMG and ASI to at least have dual damage to it. Of course you could go trifecta but with good stats you will pay 500m for the one item...lol

Personally I feel you may have made a mistake with the pants/belt combination. Once you go with AR/Vit on the pants you pretty much limit yourself DEX wise to 100max. Being pants will roll much higher VIT than the belt I would go with DEX/VIT on the pants and DEX/AR on the belt. That would be a much better combination and you can probably get a ton more HP by going with a 150 VIT on the pants (similar to mine) and then move the AR over to the belt itself. This will also allow you to replace the VIT gems in the pants to DEX.

Moving the gems on new pants from VIT to DEX will also allow you to sacrifice DEX on other gear for better stats. You could easily then lose 100 dex from gloves to get CC/CD gloves and not necessarily sacrifice any DPS loss if you know what I mean.

Some of your gear is so high in stats it can become almost impossible to upgrade because you will be losing so much of something. Amulet is good case in point. With your gear so heavy in DEX/VIT/LIFE% you have gimped actual DPS. running 5% CC and 65% CD is pretty low especially with max rolls of 10% CC and 100% CD. I was in your boat a long time ago where I was stacked too heavy on certain gear and it was painful to gain DPS as I was losing too much of something it seemed. That required multiple gear changes to help re-balance things out a little.
Change the ring, change the gloves, change to double socket manti

Yes, I need to sell the vile & mempo. The occulus ring is trash. You're right about the issue with having high stats on some of the gear. Upgrading many of the items means a significant drop in VIT or Dex. Definitely needs balanced.
01/28/2013 08:14 AMPosted by Shdwflare
Change the ring, change the gloves, change to double socket manti

Easy enough. :)

New gloves, new ring, & I traded in the 1OS Manti for the Calamity. I felt pretty squishy last night doing MP7 runs... but I'm still getting used to a new build and a new keybinding for Gloom. :)

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