Does LoH Snapshot like LS?

Does LoH Snapshot like LS? I was gonna buy a Skorn with LoH but not sure about mechanics.
Nope, it doesn't. And I would wait on 1.0.7 before investing in a LS Skorn if its only for snapshotting since it may no longer work either.
Appreciate the reply. Thank you. I have another question along the same line you may have answer for. So lets say I have a non-LS skorn i use to snapshot just avg dmg/dex/chd and i switch out to weapon with LoH of lets say 800. And i also have 1200 in LoH from other gear. Will my cyclones tick for 2000 LoH?
01/28/2013 06:51 AMPosted by Crowfood
Will my cyclones tick for 2000 LoH?

Cyclones do not proc LoH, with or without any form of snapshotting, only LS works with them.
Thank you ^
Also, in 1.0.7, you would simply need ANY 2h wep with 6%LS to snapshot with.

Damage stats no longer Snapshot so there is no incentive to buy a ludicrously expensive LS Skorn when a 500dps blue 6%LS 2h would do the exact same job! :D
... you kidding me? the LS snapshot still works? I thought that they would fix this -_-
did you run test on PTR confirming that it works?
I have not run tests but it would make a lot of sense.

Currently, on live (1.0.6) MoC:Submission snapshots LS and dynamically updates DPS.

This indicates that the code for "check for DPS" and the code for "check for LS" are not linked.

When they "fixed" snapshotting of SW, they fixed the "check for DPS" code and not the "check for LS" code.

TBH, this is a very minor effect compared to snapshotting DPS.

You can already get 6% LS from 2x 1h weps and I do not think it will open up any extreme possibilities that were not already possible.

You can get a 6% LS 2h wep for a slightly higher eHP for ubers or whatnot, but it's not make-or-break.

I will no longer be doing any Snapshotting what-so-ever! :D
@thanks Druin
yeah I tried to not do any snap shot on liver server too ... my mp5 runs take longer = /
swtich out BoY to combination and flash to foresight but it wasn't enough sighh ... maybe I'll try bells when 1.07 comes out

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