Current higher end xp/hour farming

Hello all, since starting to grind paragon the best I can usually eke out experience wise is ~55-60m xp/hr. While I still don't have an ls skorn to really make full use of tr yet (as this seems to be the fastest way for exp, as far as I know), I was wondering what the higher end xp/hour numbers look out like so I know how efficient I'm being.

Thanks for any help!
I'm getting about 80m ish per hour which is pretty decent I think god it takes forever though.
I tried TR only after level 85 or 86... just because a random skorn dropped. (I did not want to spend gold on non end game build.)

Now I can't stop thinking about how good it is, and what I can do to improve it.

Defiantly try to build the set if you can. It so much fun.

Tons more xp and loot, and much less agro from wife because there less annoying mouse clicking.

I get by fine without LS on the stick, even with the very flimsy current EHP. I blow up stuff fast and pickup radius gets the globes. (Only problem is molten, but that is getting nerfed in next patch) You can try that or maybe life on kill. That is cheaper than saving up a billion + for decent dps LS skorn.

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