Next upgrade?

Witch Doctor
I can roll over MP1, but I'd really like to move into higher mps (I enjoy the challenge, not just efficient farming). I've played in MP2 without much difficulty, but haven't tried much past that. In particular, I'm usually the best geared of my group of friends, so I'm doing some carrying of them even when in lower MPs.

What should I be looking for next for gear upgrades? Any advice would be greatly appreciated for the next couple pieces of gear that I should be looking at. I don't have crazy amounts of gold to throw around, but I'm also pretty realistic about what upgrades are going to cost at this point.

Probably your ammy. Looks the weakest of your items imo. Tal Rasha's perhaps for guarenteed stats like int and vit as well as some nice %dmg to go with your weapon, and your CD will definitely go up. You'll lose LoH, that's for sure, but you look really tanky atm, and the extra damage should tide you over since you already have LS on weapon.

Not the best wd out there, but I try my best to help I guess

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