Q: Crit Dmg Utility in TR?

I have a question for those monks more familiar with certain damage mechanics than myself (Druin..?).

In short, I'm considering switching out my emerald in my Skorn socket for an amythest (or ruby). In TR if I crit a non-elite is going to die anyways so I'm not too worried about that part of it. What I AM worried about is how my paper-doll DPS affects my sweeping wind and MoC/submission damage.

If I remove the emerald from my Skorn will that hurt my sweeping wind and submission? If so, by how much?

Both SW and Submission do their damage "continuously" which means that CHD effects them by simply moving the average damage the do, over a given amount of time, up.

This means that unless your paperdoll were to suffer only a VERY minor decrease, you would absolutely notice a decrease in overall DPS.

You have 400% CHD:
Your TR hits for ~15k
Your TR crits for ~75k
Your Sub hits for ~15k

You now have 300% CHD:
Your TR hits for ~15k (no change)
Your TR crits for ~60k (less but still okay)
Your Sub hits for ~12k (flatly less and absolutely noticeable)

The only time I would recommend switching out the emerald in your Skorn is to replace it with a Marquis Ruby (which, for the majority of Skorns out there, is better than a Marquis emerald).

Good luck!

-Druin, the happy monk
Awesome that helps a ton! Thanks Druin :)

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