[GUIDE] TianZi's Guide to Strafe:Demolition

Demon Hunter
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@Dabrix: Good critC, good unbuffed damage, decent health stats. Yes, you're perfect =) You might look into some no-generator variations, as your gear can likely support it.
I still recommend the Cold Damage Stone of Jordan + Cull of the Weak. Dropping Tactical Advantage is not that big of a deal.
Anyone interested in details on high-MP face-tanking w/ Strafe?


(it also works on MP10 with some gear swaps for higher EHP)
With 1.08 now out, does this change the build at all? MP1 seems like a must now and I'm finding myself not being nearly as efficient. My hatred seems to run low probably because there are more monsters with higher HP. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


I enjoyed the video and would be interested in the details of your build. I run with an Archon Wizard and wonder if this would work well even though they're typically better in lower MP.

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