I'm getting spammed by your host...

Technical Support

I have been having sever connection issues for a week or two now. They have gotten worse and worse. I have gone as far as making sure every inch of my network is clean and even downloaded a TCPView to check my connections traffic.

Out of frustration I started to download a competitors game and have found the coupe de grau. After about 15 minutes of being connected to blizz's login server - hosted by akamaitechnologies... I have been noticing around 18,000,000 and 300,000,000 bytes downloaded.

Someone do that math for me... aren't we talking between 18mb - 300 MB of traffic AT IDLE... from the host?

This is ridiculous. Please fix it... It was not until I started to download a competitors game that I realized exactly how hard I was being hit by the host of the game server...

The game is unplayable.

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