Finally found a decent leg (inna's pants)

even has a good vit roll. Now, with my lol new found wealth of around 60 mil, what should I upgrade next?
My honest response for you right now, is to ditch that zuni ring. Get a good zuni chest with like 160 int 180 vit or so (should be like 3-5m)

The 2 set zuni int bonus is the same as your tal chest +asi dmg. Then you buy a 10-20m ring. with very high avg dmg like 36-64, 80 int, 35+crit dam, 5+crit chance.

your zuni ring doesn't have crit chance, nor anything extra, so it absolutely pales in comparison with a half decent rare ring. I would say you should be able to see a 10-13% dmg increase from just that.
I already have a chest I use when I feel too squishy. Hmm. I'll check that out...
60mil should get you a low crit Tal's ammy, or a high-IAS Tal's ammy. Either one will greatly increase your DPS.

Hell, a cheap Tal's ammy with nothing on it will be an upgrade for you. You can spend 2mil on a blank Tal's ammy with +6% and 220+ Int and it will be an upgrade, and significantly more HP as well.
Inna pants + decent dont match up together ;)
Got 50 mil for them so I count that as a plus. BTW, with the chest swap and a bit of luck on that ring upgrade, I've still got 30 Mil or so to play with after a 10% dmg upgrade. I'll keep the tal for when I want to play carpel tunnel builds.

I'll investigate the ammy next - you are correct that I spend pocket change on this one and enjoyed the MF on it, but it's the next thing to swap for sure unless I get any other great ideas here.
+10k dps for AS ammy, though the loss of CC is hurting my LL proc when I lose archon. I can adjust though. Pretty broke again, onto the next score...

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