What is wrong with my monk

I blindly built my monk and now i'm stuck. I'm good on public non MP games, but I do more than I like at MP4 -6. Need some advise/builds etc. I ve tried just about everything i could find but nothing is helping me get my hellfire.
Looks good to me.
There are a couple of things not right:

- Get a dex chest
- Drop the nat's set, you're not ready. Boots with less than 100 dex are not worth it. The nat's ring is pretty good, but sell the boots and ring and use the money to invest in other items. Zunimassa's Trail are very powerful boots, make sure to get 170+ dex ones
- Get a lightning res vile ward. There is no reason not to
- Get more dex and crit chance on your left ring (and crit damage if you can)
- Get a similar amulet, but with more dex
- Where's your sustain? I don't see life on hit or life steal

This link is full of helpful threads by awesome monks, all compiled in one handy place by another awesome monk. Be sure to read the gearing guides by Nameless and Piffle *before you buy anymore gear*. Also, note Jco's uber carry thread, for the HF you are seeking.

A couple things to change right now: Drop Combination Strike for STI. Change the ruby in your helm to one of the amethysts in your pants. Then drop an emerald in your pants. <--- hehe

And yeah, click that link.
Thank you all for the suggestions ... over the past few days I have been working on getting gold together and ive made a vew changes. Right now, without the services of a good weapon Im trying the sword/shield combo with an azurewrath and stormshield. I can get keys on MP7 and 8 but it takes time.

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