Please HELP: Game crashing my rig, total

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been farming with wizz, a3 (dont know if its act related or not.) random amounts of time after the game starts my computer just shuts off. wow doesnt do this, other games do not do this and i can work with boths screens running when im on call with no problems. only when diablo is running. this just started about 2 days ago i have tried my best to ensure that i put the computer through the ringer with diablo not running and with diablo running. same computer since day one of playing so i know my hardware is fine.
anyone else having this problem?
blue do you have a suggestion?

edit: i have uninstalled and am re installing as i write this so that is the only logical next step.
GabeusChrist ,

This symptom is usually related to overheating so we'll want to check the internal temps of the video card and processor first.

Download and run HWMonitor from:

Now start the game and let it run several minutes. Then exit or alt-tab out and see what the highest temperature is that was reached for both the cpu and gpu.
its only diablo 3 that causes our computers to computer doesnt over heat on any other game i play (codmw3)so its not the computer its the bullshyt put together of diablo3.
@omrakos- all reads from temp monitoring are at an acceptable normal level. any other suggestions. i am allowing the game to finish re-installing but even with the high usage level of install and play and two monitors running with a movie on the second my temps are barely capping 85C.

@acespade92- comments like that belong in the general forum. you are neither helpful nor funny. go troll somewhere else.

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