What is the next upgrade for the barb above?

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A crit lacuni would be nice next upgrade I think. Get you to 24% speed and get rid of that knockback on your bracer.
@damnation is this ur build just for speed farming?

id look at upgrading to higher dps weapons with those stats

CC Lacuni's maybe. You'll lose some stats on your current pair but you should get more dmg out of it.
@halfryce Only have ~30m so can't find good upgrade for weapon within price range. It's mostly for farming. I do mp7 uber by switching my hf ring out for ave dmg, crit, str and vit ring and using a weapon throw/ww build.

@Punxx nice gears. maybe get a str inna?
@Death not much I can say buddy looks sweet, maybe higher crit mempo, which is super expensive
@ Burner
I would try to keep the same stats on your OH with more LS, and you can also put some Str
@CThors could use a damage boost by replacing your IK gloves with CD one, and a pair of Lacunis with Str + 9% IAS
01/27/2013 04:09 PMPosted by Blintz
@CThors could use a damage boost by replacing your IK gloves with CD one, and a pair of Lacunis with Str + 9% IAS

I am not aware of your budget, however definately you need to look for upgrading your left finger(Cycle Mark) to have a trifecta with Avg Dmg.

Second would be to upgrade your Neck to have better Crit.Dmg, etc. This one you can wait for next patch to craft yourself.
@cvvikram smexy barb...maybe get a ammy with avg dmg str cd and 10% cc
@ G3N3S1S
Maybe a Crit Mempo? or an Ammy.ring2 with AS on it?

Obviously gems, all of it it and additional 12% MS(UP the IC).

All you can do now is trifecta your rings or improve the crit chance on the Mempo. It would up your damage by a few thousand, but it doesn't hurt.
@RazorX, if you get a .25 echoing fury you can hit the 30 ticks breakpoint (2.857 aps) from your current 26 ticks with an enchantress. should be a big jump in tDPS.
@ChrisH36, IK chest with more stats or MS :)
@ChrisH36 and PicklesJr. Thanks, i guess i know now where i can improve more...
For Armor/AR I suggest a Vile Ward.
For DPS I suggest new gloves.
@Renard, probably ice climbers.
@ Renard

Getting 24% movement speed should be a must have IMO. Everything slows down if you don't have it. Farming times will decrease a good amount. Lacuni or Inna's pants would be where to look there.

@ Dmatrix

You need more LS. If you are sticking with WH belt, get it on one of you weapons. Usually your OH is a good place to stack some stats for a WW build and would be where I would look.
Dmatrix, make a better Hellfire ring.

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