help with increasing my damage output

Witch Doctor
you can look at my gear...pretty much glass cannon at the moment.
152k dps or 164k dps with my other helm ( andariel's visage)
as you can see, I cannot spam big spells like bears...but for mp0-mp3 I can kill fast enough anyway so it's not a big deal.

but let's say I'd like to play higher mp in patch 1.0.7. I'll need to be able to sustain dmg for a longer period.

If i'd replace my mempo and inna's chest, I will lose 18% attack speed.
But by equiping zuni helm and chest i'd gain more INT (let's say at least 200 more int, counting the set bonus). I'd gain alot more hp too.

so -18% attack speed vs +200 ish int with more mana regen...what's the best option? I'm not sure how good is the 20 mana regen it THAT good? The goal is too be able to spam bears for extended periods. I would use either spiritual attunement or blood ritual. Do I need more than 20 mana /sec and a passive to achieve my goal?

You'll definitely want to slow your attacks down. No matter how much your DPS is on sheet, it'll alwas be zero when you're out of mana.

Some changes I'd make.

- Ditch Tal's chest for a Zuni, probably highest vitality chest you can afford.
- Ditch the Innas pants for ones with Int, vit, AR, and maybe some armor.
so, yes ditch the % attack speed from those items.

The mempo, is a tough call imo. you have a boat load of int, and then the all res, and the % life.

- Pierce the veil.. completely ditch it, for a passive like Blood Ritual.
- Get a Mojo with either mana regen, or max mana.

My current build with a 4 pc Zunimassa set gives me 76.75 mana regen, and then with Vision Quest I can reach about 96.70 mana regen on 1177 total mana pool. Paired with attacking as slow as 1.43 attacks per second I can face pretty much any mob in mp5-7 with out running out of mana before they die.

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