PC to Mac, any issues?

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I have to beleive it is common for people to switch from PC to Mac or vice versa. I looked in forums for information and did not find a thread. I have been playing Blizzard games since inception of WOW on a PC. My current PC system is showing signs that it is time to replace and I am considering going Mac (wife has MAC, so not worried about transition).

My question is will there be any issue with my account, characters in WOW and Diablo of transitioning over to MAC. Are accounts PC or MAC based, or does it not matter?
It does not matter which software version you use. Your characters are all saved on the Blizzard servers for both games so will be there waiting for you. Think of the game client on your PC as a gateway....all it does is let you get access to the information on the servers. There are also forums here for Mac support should you encounter any issues. Just be sure to download the Mac version of the game client from Account Management and you should be set.
That is all I needed.

Thanks so much!

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